Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1857

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Chapter 1857

Lin Fan scratched his head and said embarrassedly:
“I’m not afraid that one day I will be gone, you can’t handle it!”

It is gone?

How clever Bai Yi is, she immediately felt something was wrong, and quickly asked:

“My husband, did something happen?”

Good point, how Lin Fan could suddenly say this.

Lin Fan realized that something was wrong, and then quickly changed his words:

“No, I’m just making an analogy. For example, sometimes you are not at home when you go out. Did you take care of it yourself?”


Bai Yi took a long sigh of relief and said angrily:

“You scared me to death I thought what happened to you!”

“If you’re not at home, won’t my parents do it? They can help too, you don’t need to worry about this!”

Lin Fan just nodded with a strong smile:

“That’s what I said!”
“Husband, are you hungry? Do you want me to cook for you? But after all, it’s a hotel, the stuff is not complete, and the cooking is not delicious. Don’t blame me!”

Lin Fan shook his head and pulled Bai Yi to lie down:

“No, I’m not hungry anymore. Just lie down and chat with me for a while!”

Lin Fan knew that his time was running out!

The time spent with Bai Yi is a race against time, because he can’t guarantee whether he will come back alive this time.

“Okay, I will chat with you!”

Bai Yi lay on Lin Fan’s chest docilely, enjoying the long-lost warmth.

But she doesn’t know that a drastic change is coming.


The next morning!

Lin Fan received a call from Wang Zhijun!

“Boss Lin, you are running low recently. Borrow some money to spend it?”

Just after the call was connected, Wang Zhijun’s brazen voice came from there.

This made Lin Fan’s mood early in the morning suddenly become unwell.

In just one month, Wang Zhijun squandered all the money he gave?

That’s five hundred million!

Over the past month, Wang Zhijun can be said to have lived a life of drunken money and gold, and he has all eaten, drank, and gambling with the more than one billion he has allocated!

The most important thing is that the bet is over!

He could lose tens of millions in one night, and he bought himself a brand and a Rolls Royce.

No amount of money can withstand such a defeat!

No, he immediately spent the money, and then he came to Lin Fan for blackmail.

And he looks right and confident!

It seems that Lin Fan owes him.

This is the rhythm to completely squeeze Lin Fan out. In his opinion, Lin Fan’s forbearance is just confession.

Since you have admitted, you have to pay!

Expose you if you don’t!

Let you divorce was swept out!

At this time, Lin Fan also laughed:

“I seem to have reminded you before, this is the last time! Do you take my words as deaf ears?”

In Lin Fan’s eyes there is already a murderous riot!

Obviously he also completely lost patience because of the other party’s shamelessness!

Then next, he will start to kill!

“Why is that kid so much nonsense, let him give the money quickly, or give the photo to his wife!”

“Really what happened to him!”

Then came Wang Yanli shouting:

“This time we will prepare one billion for us. One less son will not work!”

Lin Fan laughed. Last time he asked for five hundred million, but this time he was asked for one billion. Does this treat him as opening a bank?
What about next time? Two billion?

These people’s appetites are never satisfied!

“Have you heard? My aunt has no patience. If you don’t agree, she might go to your hotel soon, and then you will be at your own risk.”

Wang Zhijun threatened with a smirk he didn’t believe that Lin Fan was not afraid of this little white face.

Hear the words!

Lin Fan’s mouth was filled with a grinning smile:

“That’s not necessary, you tell me the address, let’s meet in the evening to discuss it!”

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