Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1862

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Chapter 1862


Both Xu Yourong and Wang Yanli have frantic expressions.

“You can’t do this, you didn’t say that before!”

Xu Yourong is going crazy, then her mother, how could she watch her mother? Was cut off?

It’s just that Lin Fan ignored it at all and said with a cold face:

“I never said to chop her hand, but I didn’t say not to chop, did I?”
Xu Yourong was speechless. She knew that Wang Yanli must have angered Lin Fan again and made Lin Fan change his mind halfway through.


However, just as Xu Yourong was stunned, a butcher knife cut off Wang Yanli’s wrist.
Wow! ! !

Wang Yanli also screamed extremely sternly, rolling back and forth on the ground in pain, so painful!

“Lin Fan, you!”

Xu Yourong stared at Lin Fan with red eyes, as if she wanted to smash Lin Fan into pieces!

Lin Fan still sneered, looking very ruthless:

“If you go to the hospital now, maybe this hand can still be connected, but if it’s later, then I will I can’t guarantee it!”

Xu Yourong didn’t care about being forced by Lin Fan, and hurriedly took Wang Yanli to the hospital.

And Lin Fan didn’t want to continue wasting time, so he got up and left.

Leave Wang Zhijun a desperate back!


Get out the door!

The two rows of people all knelt in front of Lin Fan!

Are the Dragon and Tiger Legion and the people of the Blood Prison!

They also know the troubles Lin Fan will face next, so they are very depressed now.


Two rows of people knelt on both sides of Lin Fan.

“What’s the situation?”

Lin Fan’s voice was full of exhaustion.

“The temple has been dispatched, and even led the terrorist forces in the underground world such as Black September, Anbe, and Evil Killing. They have now arrived at the port of Jiang City!”

“They have already spoken, if you don’t show up within three days, then you will sacrifice the lives of millions of people in Jiangshi!”


Lin Fan laughed. The forces such as Hei Jiuyue also had conflicts with the Blood Prison, but they were defeated.

Now that the eldest brother of the temple stands up to wave the flag, they are naturally happy to take this opportunity to bring down the blood prison in one fell swoop.

And Lin Fan also knew that the temple did what it said.

Because their favorite thing to do is to slaughter the city and kill innocent creatures.

“Tell them, in three days, I will be in Jiangshi!”

Then, Lin Fan looked at the many subordinates present:

“If among you, whoever wants to survive, cannot participate in the war after three days!”


Everyone roared in unison:

“I wait, I will follow the forest seat!”

“I will wait, I will follow the King of the Blood Prison.”

Lin Fan frowned and looked at the thousands of people, with a hint of anger in his eyes:

“The only child at home, there are wives and children, young and old, go out!”


Still no one moved!

No one is willing to go out!


The anger on Lin Fan’s face was even worse, and he roared:

“Why, I said it’s not working?”
At this time, the blood prison mad god and others all looked embarrassed. They knew that once they got out, they would give up the opportunity to go to death with Lin Fan generously.

“Return to Lin Zuo, we are not only children. In the Dragon and Tiger Legion, in the blood prison, we are all brothers!”

“That’s right! We are fighting Death, our brothers and sisters will take care of our wives, children and children, Lin Zuo don’t have to worry!”


Lin Fan let out a long sigh, and there is nothing to do with these guys.

“Send my order so that the Blood Prison and Dragon Tiger Legion do not want to fight, or if there are wives, children, young and old, don’t have to fight!”

“And you, take advantage of these three Good day to accompany your family, maybe this is the last three days of your life.”


Everyone yelled in unison, Lin Fan scrambled to respond.

And when Lin Fan saw these soldiers brought out by himself, a gratified smile appeared on his face.

“Three days, the last three days, regardless of success or failure, we can all sleep peacefully!”

Won, and never worry about it!

Lost, and sleep forever!

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