Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1870

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Chapter 1870

These words immediately made the whole country mourning. Everyone could not help shedding tears in front of the TV when they saw Shaun Lin’s generous and heroic sacrifice.

“Who will save my national hero, where is the Huaxia army!”

“Why is he the only one fighting alone, and the rest of the army?”

“Why is this happening, why should I watch him die?

Bang Bang Bang!

However. Without waiting for them to think about it, the moment of despair came. Countless gun muzzles were fired in unison, and the endless gunfire instantly engulfed Shaun Lin.




A roar of grief and indignation resounded frantically, with pain on everyone’s face.

At this time, Elvira, who was in front of the TV, screamed in agony after seeing this scene, and passed out.

The overall situation has been decided !

Huaxia Linzuo, die in battle!

And not long after Shaun Lin was bombarded by artillery fire, the Dragon Tiger Army, the Northern Army, and the other two major armies were long overdue.

However, at this moment, everyone in the country did not feel lucky, but felt extremely angry.

Why come now?

People are already dead, so what’s the use of coming now?

Just when the scene was chaotic, a fisherman suddenly appeared in the field and came to a charred corpse.

“Boy, I didn’t say you could die!”

After speaking, he picked up Shaun Lin’s corpse and slowly walked away into the distance, before disappearing into a cloud of dust.

He was the one who took Shaun Lin away more than ten years ago!

Shaun Lin’s master, an old man with a mysterious origin!

After a few days, the dust settled.

A piece of news was broadcast, and all the forces headed by the church were annihilated by the four major legions. Benjamin was sent to a military court and executed a few days later.

He Lanxuan and Xu Longguan were deprived of their military titles because of their disobedience and sentenced to life imprisonment.

And Shaun Lin died in battle and was buried with national ceremonies, and the whole country mourned!

And a few years later, in a villa in a certain town in China, a family was sitting in front of the TV watching the news.

“This year is the festival of Shaun Lin again. Five years ago today, Shaun Lin sacrificed his life to defend the country. His heroic deeds will be remembered and sung continuously!”

“Dad, I, Lin Haotian, will be like Shaun Lin in the future. Great hero!”

said a five-year-old boy with great interest.

“Just you? Now you’re still peeing your pants!”

the little girl next to her hit.

“Lin Chuyan, who do you say peeing your pants?”

“Just say you, say you, a little bit, no shame!

Who would have thought that Elvira gave birth to a twin.

The face of the man in front of him was more mature and determined than five years ago, and he was staring at his two children with a smile.

“Don’t make trouble, or mom will get angry! After dinner, I’ll take you to the amusement park!”

Yay! ! !

“Dad is the best!”

And this time!

Elvira had already prepared the meal and looked at her husband and children with a gentle expression, while Paula and Bai Shan also greeted them kindly.


There is no forest seat in this world, nor the king of blood prison!

Yes, it’s just Shaun Lin, the son-in-law of the Bai family!

And in this place, no one knew them, and no one would disturb them again.

The whole world thought that Shaun Lin was dead!

After dinner, Shaun Lin and Elvira went shopping with their two children. The husband and wife cuddled together and looked at the jumping pair of children with tender eyes.

This is the warmth they have never experienced!

And this time!

A mother and daughter passed by them, but the daughter stared straight at Shaun Lin, and then said to her mother,

“Look Mom, he is the hero!”

The End

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