Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 195

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Chapter 195

It’s just that Shaun was also completely angry at the fat pig in front of him.

“Do you really like taking money to slap people in the face?”


The fat man got shocked for a moment, and then a thick sarcasm appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“What? You saw two hundred yaun, and you want too?”

“Okay! I’ll give it to you today, Master Yang!”

That’s it!

The corners of the fat man’s mouth showed a strong color of abuse, and then took out two hundred more from his wallet again, this time facing Shaun’s face, and threw it over.


The red banknotes were flying in the air, falling towards Shaun’s face.

However, when notes were about to hit Shaun’s face, he promptly grabbed the two hundred yaun with his hand again!

Then, Shaun’s expression got cold and grim:

“it is good!”

“You like to slap people in the face with money, then I will let you experience it!”


The fat man got stuck for a moment.

Just before he understood what Shaun meant, he suddenly saw that Shaun stepped out and appeared in front of him taking quick action.

Then, before the fat man could react, Shaun kicked him hard on his knee!


The fat man only felt that he got a kick on his knee and the pain suddenly caused him to kneel down on one knee.

But it’s more than that!

Just when the fat man knelt on one knee, Shaun’s big hands pinched his plump chin.

With the other hand, he pressed the four-hundred yaun notes in the mouth of fat man!


Fatty’s face got full of horror. He couldn’t think that Shaun will get this violent. Without a word, he started directly.

Especially what makes him unbelievable is Shaun’s hands are like two iron tongs, no matter how hard he is struggling, he cannot break them apart.

After Shaun pinched his mouth and stuffed the banknotes into his mouth.

He suddenly covered the fat man’s nose and mouth with the help of his palm!


The panic on Fatty’s face became more intense, he just felt unable to breathe, he could only swallow fiercely!


He swallowed all four hundred yuan bills abruptly!

It wasn’t until this fat man swallowed all the banknotes into his throat that Shaun loosened his palm!


The fat man fell to the ground.


He just felt his stomach roll for a while, and he was about to retching right away, his entire fat face got flushed.

That kind of situation is extremely uncomfortable.


Beside, the coquettish woman and Baishan were all stunned to see this.

They also didn’t expect that Shaun would do this to him, and without leaving the slightest margin, let the fat man eat all four hundred yuan.

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