Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 329

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Chapter 329


At this moment, looking at the black bear’s broken arm and looking at the unharmed Shaun, Zheng Xiong swallowed spit fiercely, his heart is completely in his throat.

The dense cold sweat has wetted his back.


At this moment, he even had a regret in his heart, provoking the monster Shaun.

And beside.

Those customers who were watching got ecstatic, looking at Shaun with admiration.

“Oh my God, this Mr. Lin is so powerful, I was worried about him!”

“His piano talent is extraordinary, and his fighting skills are so awesome, this Mr. Lin is simply a dragon and phoenix!”


Voices of admiration continued to be heard from the crowd.

All the customers, at this moment, simply admire Shaun’s attitude.

Shaun didn’t care about everyone’s shock at all. He stood quietly in front of the black bear with a playful smile on his mouth:

“I haven’t played it yet!”

“Come on?”


As soon as these words came out, the black bear’s eyelids jumped wildly.

Come on?

His arm was broken, his men were disabled, and if he continued to fight then the result would be his death.

At this moment, the black bear gritted his teeth, abruptly suppressing the sharp pain in his arm, and then looked at Shaun with a strong ferocity and hatred:

“Boy, don’t be mad, you wait!”

“I am calling my brother to bring someone here, let’s see how you die!”


Hearing this, Zheng Xiong and the surrounding customers got slightly shocked, and when they remembered about whom the black bear was talking about, their expressions changed suddenly.

Black Tiger!

Almost everyone had this name in their minds, instantly making everyone pale.

Among the underground forces in Jiang City, only two are the strongest.

North Daoye and South Black Tiger!

That’s right!

Hei Xiong’s eldest brother is the black tiger who is known as the god of war in the southern part of Bajiang City.

Hei was born as an underground boxer. He participated in dozens of underground fighting competitions.

But without a single defeat, he was named Jiang City God of War by the underground boxing arena.

What’s more terrifying is.

When Black Tiger made his debut, he offended a big force in Jiang City and was hunted down.

But no one could have imagined that the Black Tiger smashed into the lair of that power with a single knife, chopped down fifty to sixty people, completely abolished the head of that big power, and pulled out the entire power.

World War I Zhenjiang City.

Since then, the black tiger has almost become synonymous with the god of war. With a single order, the major forces in Jiang City are omnipotent and domineering.

And now…

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