Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 336

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Chapter 336

“BOSS, I’m sorry, you had done a good job of beating my brother and his group mates. But please forgive my brother black bear!”

Master Tiger bowed to Shaun again, then turned his head.

Looked at the black bear and Zheng Xiong’s eyes, they were angry:

“You are so courageous, you even threatened to cut boss’s tendons and hamstrings!”

“In that case, your wishes will be fulfilled!”

That’s it!

Tiger Lord waved his hand.

In an instant, the big men in black, who pressed the black bear and Zheng Xiong on the ground, drew out a dagger from their hands.

Then under the horrified sight of the black bear and Zheng Xiong!

On the black bear’s hands and wrists, Zheng Xiong’s feet and ankles made a fierce stroke!

Puff puff……

The sound of tearing skin resounded.

Blood spattered from the black bear’s hands and wrists and Zheng Xiong’s ankles.


They screamed as loudly as they can.


The black bear’s hand muscles and Zheng Xiong’s hamstrings were all broken.

This scene numbed the scalp of the customers around.

How could this be?

Everyone didn’t expect that there would be such an ending. They originally thought that Shaun was over.

But in a blink of an eye, Shaun turned out to be Tiger’s boss!

This makes many customers feel incredible.


It’s more than that!

With a sound of footsteps resounding, Shaun led Hei and the others, stepping towards the abandoned black bears.

He didn’t squat down until he got closer, and said to Zheng Xiong with a smile:

“Now you know who I am?”


This sentence, like the voice of the devil, instantly made Zheng Xiong’s whole body tremble, as if a chicken pecking at rice, nodding in horror:

“BOSS kindly forgive me, I was wrong, I dare not to provoke you again, I didn’t know it was you…”

Zheng Xiong was trembling with fright, like sifting chaff.

Only at this moment he fully understood that what he had kicked an iron plate.

Just a word from Shaun would be enough for him to splash his blood on the spot and corpse the streets.

Seeing Zheng Xiong’s situation, the arc of Shaun’s mouth became colder:

“Then tell me, is that wine glass worth 5 million?”

“No, it’s not!!!”

Zheng Xiong’s face was earthy, and he bit his head and replied:

“BOSS doesn’t mention the wine glass, even if you abolish my restaurant, I will not charge you!”

Zheng Xiong just wants to survive now.

However, after hearing this, the smile on the corner of Shaun’s mouth became more interesting:

“Abolish your restaurant, and you don’t need money?”

“No…no! Just be happy with the BOSS!” Zheng Xiong quickly nodded.

After confirmation.

Shaun nodded in satisfaction, stood up, and then said to the black tiger:

“Did you hear that?”

“Since he doesn’t need money, abolish this restaurant!”

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