Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 343

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Chapter 343


When Shaun’s words fell, the entire living room was silent for a moment.

Whether it is Duan Chun or Zhang Boyu, they can’t believe their ears.

“Little…boy, you call me rubbish?”

Duan Chun got stunned.

He is the eldest young master of the Red Maple Group in Jiangnan City.

As his name appears, countless big men kneel.

But Duan Chun couldn’t believe that he was scolded as rubbish by this scrap person.

Not only him!

Zhang Boyu, who was next to him, turned pale with a sullen expression, and quickly yelled at Shaun:

“Shaun, what are you talking nonsense! Do you know that Duan Shao is the young master of the Red Maple Group? Do you want to bring disaster to the Bai Group?”

Zhang Boyu shed cold sweat.

He knows that Young Master Duan Chun has been domineering since he was a child, let alone scolding, even if someone talks about him behind his back, he exploded and mutilate them.

And now!

Shaun is looking for death.

Baishan and the others on the side were also shocked. They didn’t expect Shaun to be so impulsive.

And just when they were about to persuade Shaun.

Duan Chun exploded instantly.

His whole face was almost dripping with gloomy water. At this moment, he pointed at Shaun and said with hatred:

“Little bastard, you are looking for death! You want to die!”

“If you have the ability, you scold me again? I promise I will close down the Bai Group!”

Duan Chun’s words were vicious and full of resentment.

It’s just that his words just came out!


Shaun slapped Duan Chun’s face fiercely.


At this moment, the entire living room is quiet.

Everyone looked at Shaun who had shot, and the bright red palm print appeared on Duan Chun’s face in an instant, everyone had a tingling scalp.

It’s just that what frightened them had just begun.

“Close Bai Group? Does it depends on you!”


Shaun appeared in front of Duan Chun like a ghost, and before Duan Chun even reacted, he slapped again his face severely.

“Red Maple Group is amazing?”


“What a young master?”


Everyone was stunned at this moment.

They just looked at Shaun that he moved forward step by step slapping Duan Chun’s face.

In an instant, Duan Chun’s little white face changed from white to red and to bruise.

Three slaps!

Five slaps!

Ten slapped!

From the living room, Duan Chun was beaten into the courtyard by Shaun.

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