Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 364

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Chapter 364

“I will use everything I have to get you! I will give my life to protect you!”

Duan Chun’s words are deeply affectionate.


He raised the flowers in his hand and the diamond ring to Kelly, and said excitedly:

“I know, your favorite flower is Achillea, this flower represents eternal longing!”

“So I sent a special team to search all over the world, and finally found 99 Achillea Vulgaris with a height of 9.9 cm! I finally formed Acacia, I will never forget it in my life!”


When Duan Chun’s words fell, many fans below were in an uproar.

They never thought that Duan Chun was so mad for her.

Just because Kelly likes Achillea Vulgaris, he sent a team to search in the world and they found 99 Achillea Vulgaris with a height of 9.9!

He is not an ordinary person, he is rich and handsome, coupled with this deep-rooted tenderness, he will fall into an instant!

It’s more than that!

Duan Chun raised the diamond ring in his hand aloft, and said with a gentle face:

“Kelly, this blue diamond, named Diamond Blue Heart, symbolizes eternal love! It is a gift of confession for you!”


Diamond blue heart.

When they heard this name, many fans and entertainment industry leaders below became amazed.

These people belong to the high class, and they have some knowledge of diamonds.

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and extremely expensive.

At that time, South Africa once discovered a beautiful blue diamond. The value of the raw material alone was as high as tens of millions of dollars.

After processing, it became a sensational “Diamond Blue Heart”!

It even sold tens of millions of dollars at a sky-high price.

And now…

No one thought that this young man brought a diamond blue heart worth hundreds of millions to confess his love.

At this moment, everyone was moved by Duan Chun’s affection and dedication.

Many people even hope that Kelly will say yes.


Kelly’s pretty face was so gloomy and terrifying at this moment. She looked at Duan Chun as if she was looking at a stranger:

“Sorry! I can’t say yes!”

“Refused forever!”


These words changed the expressions of Duan Chun and everyone witnessing this scene.

This is more than that.

Kelly shook her head as if mocking him at this moment, and said with a wry smile:

“I like Achillea because I miss someone!”

“And I reject you because I already have a sweetheart!”

The words fall.

Kelly’s beautiful eyes could not help but look at Shaun, who is having rest on the piano and smoking silently.

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