Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 365

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Chapter 365


Upon hearing this, Kelly looked at Fan Shen’s eyes full of tenderness.

Duan Chun understood!

Thousands of fans also thoroughly understood.

The person Kelly missed deeply is the god.

Kelly’s deep-hearted sweetheart is that god!

For the sake of Fanshen, she worked hard for three years and madly did 36 concerts.

Sing his songs, played his songs for the people who love him!

At this moment, all fans burst into tears almost instantly.

They finally understood why Kelly was pursuing someone so hard, perhaps just like the previous music scene.

That king saved that girl!

That girl loves that king all her life!


A female fan below touched to tears. While crying, then shouted:

“Fan’s Love!”

“Fan’s Love!”


The shocking sound echoed endlessly throughout the stadium.

From one place, it began to spread like a wave. A hundred people shouted, a thousand people shouted, and then ten thousand people shouted.

All the fans fully understood the meaning of the concert name.

Fan’s love!

When I see you, I will love you forever.

The uniform, deafening shouts shook the entire stadium.

Just now!

There was only one person, his expression gloomy to the extreme, and that was Duan Chun.

He is unwilling!

He is angry!

He couldn’t understand why he had been pursuing a girl for three years, for her, searching the whole world for yarrow, and the person who madly paid the soaring price for a diamond, she is in love with a person who had only met once, she had a secret love for him for three years.


Duan Chun’s gloomy gaze couldn’t help looking at Shaun.

When he saw a half of Shaun’s face, his body trembled fiercely, and there was a thick and unbelievable color in his eyes.

“Why is he so like Elvira’s husband-Shaun?”

“No! Impossible! That Shaun is just a violent madman, a lunatic! He is not the one who is in front of me!”

Duan Chun thought of this, shook his head, and completely threw out the idea that Fan God is Shaun.

this moment!

He hated Shaun’s face like never before.

Even if it is similar to a mortal god, it is damnable.

“Sir, please go down!”

At this moment, the security guard of the stage finally broke through the blockade of Duan Chun’s bodyguards and came to the stage.

Without further delay, they brought down Duan Chun.

Until this moment!

The concert seemed to have entered the real rhythm again.

Everyone is waiting for Fanshen’s response!

“Fan’s Love!”

This voice became louder and louder, and countless fans flushed with excitement and anticipation.

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