Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 366

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Chapter 366

But here it is!

A scene that shocked everyone appeared.

Shaun didn’t say a word while smoking a cigarette, and slowly walked towards the dark part of the stage.

Da da da!

With every step he took, it seemed to break Kelly’s heart.

Make her beautiful eyes tears!



Constantly falling.

Until the moment when she saw Shaun, she was about to step out of the stage, Kelly collapsed completely.

She pressed her mouth tightly, tears raining down, and shouted sadly at Shaun’s back:

“Father, I know I am not worthy of you, but I will try my best to follow in your footsteps!”

“I know I can’t forget you, but I will pay attention to everything about you silently!”

“I know I can’t!”

“But I will keep waiting!”

The sorrowful shouting sounds, like heavy hammers, slammed into Shaun’s heart.

Shaun’s body trembled.

What does he want to say!

There are a thousand words but he is unable to speak, he disappeared into the darkness with a trace of complexity.


Fanshen left the stage which broke Kelly’s and thousands of fans hearts.

The concert continues.

However, the song Kelly sang became sadder, which made the fans below cry.

It seems that all fans can understand Kelly’s mood.

Followed for three years!

Waited for three years!

What she got was silence and endless waiting to continue.

When the next song was in progress, many fans in the VIP and scattered ticket areas were surprised to find that a figure walked out from the restroom backstage, and then walked towards the super VIP area.


Seeing Shaun, many fans were in an uproar again.

“This guy just came out of the toilet now? Gosh, did he come to the concert?”

“Yes, the climax of this concert was the appearance of the god, and this guy has missed it for a lifetime. It’s a waste of the super VIP position!”


Many fans talked a lot, looking at Shaun as if they were looking at an idiot.

Not only them!

After seeing Shaun come back, Elvira, who had been crying into tears, got slightly startled.

Her pretty face, pear flowers bring rain, and now, there is more sullenness:

“Shaun, what’s the matter with you? After being there for so long, the god appeared and left. Aren’t you wasting your Super VIP ticket for nothing?”

Elvira’s Qiong nose twitched slightly, and her eyebrows wrinkled completely:

“Also, did you smoke in the bathroom?”

Elvira smelled a strong smell of smoke from Shaun.

In other words.

Is this guy was smoking in the bathroom when her idol Fanshen was performing a wonderful performance?

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