Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 367

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Chapter 367


When Elvira thought of this, her lungs exploded, and her disappointment for Shaun became more intense.

It’s just that she doesn’t know.

Zhang Boyu, who was excited to see Shaun’s humiliation suddenly froze when he heard the word ‘smoking’.

Do not know why!

At this moment, he looked at Shaun and the face of Fan God wearing a half-face mask flashed in his mind, and the two faces gradually overlapped.

“No. it cannot be a coincidence?”

At this moment, Zhang Boyu seemed to have discovered the secret, and his eyes went round instantly.

He came to think of it, Fanshen’s divine music was improved by Shaun while waving his hands.

The god on the stage resembles Shaun.

as well as!

Before Fanshen stepped down, he was smoking a cigarette.

If we say that one coincidence is fine, but now there are three coincidences, which makes Zhang Boyu have to doubt that Shaun is a god!


Thinking of this possibility, Zhang Boyu’s scalp went numb, and he was almost scared to pee.

After all, this thing is too shocking.

Who can imagine that Fanshen, a global idol, would be the son-in-law of a small third-tier group? If it weren’t for this coincidence that he had seen with his own eyes, he would never believe it even if he got killed.

“and also……”

“The reason why Fanshen didn’t accept Kelly’s proposal was probably because of Elvira!”

Zhang Boyu knows, a national goddess-like Kelly, let alone a normal man, even a woman would like or even prefer to date with her.

But just now Fanshen left the stage without saying a word. This can only show that he has unspeakable concealment.

And this unspeakable concealment is Elvira!

Thinking of this!

Zhang Boyu couldn’t help looking at Elvira, his eyes were extremely complicated.

Especially at this moment!

Elvira didn’t seem to delve into Shaun, but she was looking at the stage. The lonely Kelly sighed while crying:

“Where is Fan Shen? Kelly is so beautiful, so kind, so noble, how can he not be worthy of him!”



At this moment, Elvira was completely standing on Kelly’s side. In her eyes, Kelly and Fanshen were a pair of a talented couple and a perfect match.

But she couldn’t understand why Fanshen would not agree.

But Elvira did not find out.

After hearing her voice of embarrassment, whether it was Shaun or Zhang Boyu, the corners of their lips twitched fiercely.

If God agrees, I am afraid that it will be too late for you to cry.

The concert is still going on, just sad songs one after another.

What made Zhang Boyu tremble even more.

He found that while singing, Kelly’s beautiful eyes looked towards Shaun in the super VIP area again and again.

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