Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 368

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Chapter 368

It is him!

Zhang Boyu’s body was trembling. He thoroughly understood how the national goddess Kelly would notice Elvira, as a little fan.

It turns out that everything is because of Shaun!

“Fan God?”

Zhang Boyu looked at Shaun’s position, and his expression was full of loneliness and complexity.

That he was competing with Shaun considering him just a waste for Elvira.

But Shaun is a god…

How can he fight him?

Suddenly, Zhang Boyu’s heart was completely messed up, and his feelings towards Shaun changed from hostility to complexity and then to admiration.

after all!

If you think about it in another way, if he is a mortal god, then it is impossible to be so low-key, let alone swallow in the Bai family like this.

But Shaun did it!

“Perhaps, this is the difference between gods and ordinary people!”

Zhang Boyu shook his head and thought of Elvira completely.

At this moment, the concert is in a sad atmosphere.

A famous fan, with strong complex emotions, left the stadium.

This concert is too special.

From the beginning, the improved piano music shocked everyone, and then the god appeared and made everyone crazy.

After that!

They witnessed with their own eyes that their goddess Kelly confessed failed.

It can be said that this is a concert that they will never forget.

Even after ten or twenty years.

They will still remember that the ensemble of two super idols made them seem to have experienced a splendid and exciting life.

They still can’t forget that Kelly’s tears of reluctance but determination to wait before Fanshen leaves.

This is our eternal youth.


After Elvira and her party left the stadium.

Zhang Boyu said to Elvira and Shaun:

“Elvira, Mr. Shaun! Thank you for inviting me and my sister to the concert.

Zhang Boyu unexpectedly bowed deeply to Shaun, Elvira, and Zhang Caier got stunned to see this, then he took his sluggish sister and left straight away.

This scene made Elvira shock to the extreme.

After a long time.

She looked at Shaun with a face full of disbelief and asked:

“Shaun, what exactly did you do? How come Brother Boyu seemed surprised, scared, and complicated to you?”

“Has something happened that I don’t know?”

Elvira knows that Zhang Boyu is very arrogant. He was about to confess last time in the western restaurant in front of Shaun.

And now!

After a concert, Zhang Boyu’s attitude towards Shaun has changed, which is simply unbelievable.

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