Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 398

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Chapter 398

I’m afraid Grace will splash blood on the spot.

Grace put her face away, and her lips left Irene’s face. Only then did she speak, “Irene, are your buttons hooking my hair?”

Irene wanted to put Grace to death, “If you don’t rush over, how your hair can hang on my buttons?”

“A**hole, untie my hair first.” Grace was depressed.

Jacob walked over and carefully untied Grace’s hair from Irene’s buttons, acting surprisingly gentle.

After Grace was free, she exhaled heavily.

Janice came over and looked at Grace disappointedly, “Sister-in-law, how can you hook up your brother-in-law?”

“I didn’t, Janice, you believe me. This is really an accident.” She didn’t want to take a bite back, her words were pale and weak.

Janice said, “It doesn’t matter if I believe you or not, the point is that my brother believes you or not.”

Irene gloated at Grace!

The small eyes clearly said, “Fight against me, you are still tender.”

Grace gritted her teeth and stared at her bitterly. She was already crying stupidly by this guy’s anti-IQ.

It seems that everyone is waiting for Jacob to send Grace with the 18th National Congress of torture, but Jacob did the opposite.

“Irene, what is the explanation for Qingtian who hooked up with my woman?”

Janice and Irene yelled unconvincedly, “Obviously she hooked up with me first?”

“Brother, are you right or wrong?”

Jacob said, “She comes to the bathroom first. If he doesn’t follow her, how can she have a chance to hook you? Irene, it depends on the person who lies…I am so foolish?”

Irene opened his eyes in shock, and admired Jacob’s unrelenting ability.

But he didn’t dare to admit it, “Young Master Zhan, have you wronged me?”

“Don’t admit it?” Jacob looked darkly, “Come here!”

The bodyguard standing guard outside the banquet hall came in and said Jacob, “Beat him until he tells the truth.”

Janice panicked, “Brother, are you here for real?”

Jacob said, “This person is not right, I will teach him for you.”

The bodyguard dragged Irene to the bench, and then drew a soft whip, struggling hard-hitting Irene on the back.

“Brother, it’s obviously the fault of my sister-in-law, why don’t you just punish Irene instead of asking Qinghong indiscriminately? This is not fair?” Janice cried.

Grace looked at Irene, and the whip was slammed on Irene’s back, but it seemed to hit her.

In addition, Irene screamed, making Grace feel even more distressed.

Suddenly, Grace knelt in front of Jacob with a plop, “Master Zhan, don’t hit him. It’s my fault, hit me if you want to fight!”

Grace, a weak woman, did not hesitate to pour dirty water on her to protect her brother, and even asked herself to punish her…Jacob loved such a girl even more.

Pulling her up, he stopped the bodyguard and said, “Stop it.”

Janice stared at Jacob in a daze. His tolerance for Grace had no bottom line, refreshing Janice’s understanding of Jacob.

Is he in love with Grace?

Just like Sister Ai Irene did?

Janice helped Irene up, and Irene looked at Grace suspiciously. She actually kneeled for him?

He obviously wanted to harm her, but she chose to save him by repaying her with virtue?

“Zhengzheng, I will take you back to apply the ointment.”

Janice assisted Irene to prepare to leave.

Grace stayed on the spot, and when she saw Janice who had left, she suddenly turned her head and stared at her deeply. The anger in his eyes made Grace’s heart faltering.

Just now, in order to save Zhengzheng, she lied to hook up with him. She was afraid that in Janice’s heart, she is a bad woman who wins her love.

Janice might be desperate for her.

Grace sighed inaudibly, turned around, and saw Jue Zhan Han staring at her.

Her heart fell directly to the bottom of the abyss.

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