Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 399

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Chapter 399

Offending Phoenix Immortal is a small thing, offending this Buddha and God that is the real destruction.

“Zhan…Master!” Grace lowered her head and shouted tremblingly.

She wondered how he would punish women who were “unfaithful” to him. Is it to dip the pig cage and throw it into the sea to feed the sharks, or to shoot her?

Jacob sensed the woman’s panic and stretched out his hand to touch her little head, but Grace quickly dodged like an enemy and retreated one meter away from him.

Jacob’s hands were frozen in the air, his face didn’t look so good.

“Come here!” The voice was fairly mild.

“Master Zhan, I was wrong.” Grace cried.

“Where is wrong?”

“I shouldn’t hook up other men in front of you to embarrass you.” The voice fell into the dust.

“I didn’t blame you.”

Grace opened her eyes in shock, thinking that she had heard it wrong.

But soon, Grace understood that he didn’t love her at all, and of course it was impossible to be jealous for her.


“Let’s go!” Jacob walked forward with his long legs.

Grace followed him, feeling like a knocked-down five-flavored bottle, very uncomfortable.

Why didn’t you escape the sense of surprise?

Compared with her luck, Irene’s situation seemed very difficult.

After Janice brought him to her villa, Irene lay on the sofa, grinning with pain on his back and buttocks. “Ouch.”

“Is your brother your own brother, so ruthless to the future brother-in-law?” Irene has a particularly mean mouth.

Janice took the ointment and picked up his coat, carefully smearing the ointment on him.

“It’s all skin wounds, my brother still takes care of you. Otherwise, all of your 206 bones will be crushed to you. You can only be a mollusk in front of him and bow your head to him.

“You said that your brother shot me so cruelly, why didn’t he punish Grace? He can bear a Hulunbuir prairie on his head, why is he so comfortable?”

Janice said, “My sister-in-law is a maverick. My brother used to hate her very much, but I don’t know why. Recently, my brother seems to have changed s3x and is very tolerant to his sister-in-law. I think, my brother probably loves three children, loves the house and the Wu, so he especially love the sister-in-law.”

Irene said coldly, “I think your sister-in-law, like your brother, has a squid attribute and has a deep mind.”

Janice felt the same, and said angrily, “I used to think she was innocent and kind, but I didn’t expect that she would hook up with you today. She knew that I liked you and she did it. I thought she was my best friend.”

Irene said, “Your brother and her are really a natural match.”

After Janice smeared the injury on his back, she asked thoughtfully, “Where else is it hurt?”

“a$s.” Irene said.

Janice blushed and put the ointment on his hand, “Apply it yourself.”

“My eyes are not long behind, how can I apply them if I can’t see them?” Irene said, “You should help me.”

Talking and taking off his pants…

Janice hurriedly covered her eyes, “Zhengzheng, don’t mess around.”

Irene said, “Janice, we will be together sooner or later, why are you so shy?”

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