Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 369

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Chapter 369

Heard this!

Shaun shrugged:

“My wife, maybe I am handsome than him!”

“After all, sometimes I indulge in my beauty, and I can’t help myself for a long time!”

Elvira: “…”

Early in the morning the next day!

One report instantly swept across China’s Weibo hot search and post-bar rankings.

Kelly’s concert!

“Shock! Kelly’s concert, the mysterious mortal god, was stunning!

“Kelly and Fanshen Ensemble-Caribbean Love! A shocking song!

“National Goddess concert, accidents happen frequently, Duan Chun confessed, but got rejected!

“The goddess of the nation confessed to the god, but no response! Kelly——Always waiting for you!

After a piece of news broke.


All the netizens in China were completely shocked.

Fan Shen, the most mysterious master in the music world, no one knows his true identity, no one knows how terrifying his musical realm is.

Every his song has been chased by thousands of fans, and every one of his songs has been named a classic by the masters of the music industry.

And this most mysterious guy showed up last night. Not only did he show up, but also got a confession from the national goddess Kelly, but he left from the scene silently without responding.

As soon as this news came out, Huaxia boiled up.

Numerous messages have almost maxed out major websites.

“I was on the scene last night. You can’t imagine how shocking this concert was! Fanshen is so handsome, especially when he lit a cigarette with strings, it made the audience go crazy!”

“I can say that he is worthy of being my ultimate idol. He got the confession from the goddess of the nation, but he left silently! This kind of coolness is unimaginable!”

“Pity to the goddess, she has to wait for the god all the time, feeling heartfelt for goddess Kelly.”

One by one almost squeezed the servers of major websites.

The two words “Fan Shen”, within half a day, set off a terrifying wave in China, occupying the first place in the hot search of each website.

And this heat is getting more and more terrifying.

There is almost a trend sweeping the entire Internet at home and abroad.

At the same time!

In a villa on the outskirts of Jiang City, a young man kept refreshing his network.

And every time he refreshed, he found news about the Fan God.


There was also news of, “Duan Chun who is rich and young confessed but got rejected!

This news is like a slap in the face, making his complexion more and more gloomy and ugly.

Then he lost his temper!


He slammed his mobile phone to the ground, and suddenly it tore into pieces.

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