Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 370

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Chapter 370

“Young… Master, are you okay?” The housekeeper Zhong Lao next to him asked cautiously.

Butler Zhong Lao knew that his young master had been arrogant and domineering since he was a child, and he had what he wanted.

Before some days, not only he was severely beaten, but even last night, in front of thousands of fans, he lost his face.

This is the biggest blow to his young master in his life.

Hearing this!

Duan Chun’s gaze became more and more gloomy:

“Damn Kelly! Damn God! Damn Elvira, damn Shaun!!!”



These four names made him suffer the greatest humiliation in his life in the last few days.

Especially now, the news of rejection by Kelly has spread throughout China, so that in the future, he will never have a face to show to others.

The housekeeper Zhong Lao said with a wry smile:

“Master, the forces behind Kelly are too great for us to provoke! And the god is too mysterious, we can’t find him at all!”

“If you want revenge, then there are Elvira and Shaun for you!”

Elvira! Shaun!

Upon hearing these two names, Duan Chun’s mind revealed the faces of Fan Shen and Shaun.

In his mind, the two faces seemed to gradually merge, allowing him to completely add all his hatred to Fan Shen to Shaun:

“Huh! Kelly has already said, Elvira is the person she values most! We can’t do anything to her!”

“Now, I am going to kill one person! That is Shaun!”


Mr. Zhong, the housekeeper next to him got stunned for a moment, there was a thick disdain on his face:

“Master, it is not easy to kill that waste!”

“Do you have a way?” Duan Chun was overjoyed and quickly asked the butler, Zhong Lao.

Seeing Duan Chun’s surprised look.

The butler Zhong Lao said with a smile:

“Of course! If we want to kill a person, we can’t use the contacts on the white road, but we can do it through underground forces!”

Underground forces?

Duan Chun got silent and nodded involuntarily.

“In Jiangshi, there are two major war gods- the Northern Daoye and the Southern Black Tiger!”

“They control almost all the underground forces in Jiang City, one from the south and the other from the north! However, these two are very arrogant and extremely difficult to control!”

“Then we need a third candidate!”


Duan Chun got shocked for a moment. He didn’t understand, besides Daoye and Hei, who else in Jiang City could easily kill the son-in-law of the Bai family.

“Lao Zhong, tell me, who is the third candidate?” Duan Chun couldn’t wait.

The housekeeper Zhong Lao stroked his beard, and said with a smile:

“Iron-faced Gray Wolf!”

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