Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 402

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Chapter 402

The man suddenly raised a syringe, “This is our newly invented liquid medicine. You will be a mouse for us and see how effective the medicine is?”

After the man finished speaking, he walked to Grace, and the syringe was injected into her arm unexpectedly.

Then the man took out a skull necklace from his arms and shook it in front of Grace.

“I have to hypnotize you and replant your memory…” the man said darkly.

Grace’s gaze fell on the skull necklace, which was Brother Jie’s necklace.

Why does this man have this necklace?

“Who are you?”

“Curiosity will kill you, miss.”

The effect of the medicine worked quickly…Grace’s consciousness slowly became confused.

Grace suddenly fell to the ground with a plop.

“The willpower is too weak, it worked so soon.” The man put away the necklace.

“This shows that the effectiveness of our newly invented medicinal solution has increased a lot.”

“Drag in, and observe when she wakes up. If there are no major problems, send her out.”



On the other side, after Jacob met the guests, he found that Grace was missing when he went downstairs.

Feeling flustered inexplicably, Jacob clutched his heart, and when the sting of the heartbeat disappeared, his long legs almost ran.

“Grace…Where are you?”

He searched the garden of Xiangdingyuan and found nothing.

Looking at the pouring rain and the gloomy sky, Jacob forced himself to calm down.

Maybe she is idle and bored, so she goes for a walk alone?

Where will she go?

A figure flashed in Jacob’s mind, and then he ran desperately under the rain curtain.

When he came to Janice’s villa, he almost broke in.

Janice and Irene were kissing, and seeing Jacob who suddenly broke in, his drenched face was soaked by rain, but he still couldn’t hide his panic.

Jacob’s sharp eyes scanned every corner of the room, “Where is Grace?”

Irene lay down on the sofa and laughed so hard. “Zhan Shao, that kind of profligate woman brought you a green hat, afraid that you would run away long ago if you clean her up?”

Jacob walked over and kicked Irene on the a$s.

“Ouch!” Irene gasped with pain.

Janice yelled, “Brother, Irene is right. Sister-in-law is doing a guilty conscience… She must have escaped.”

“To shut up.”

Jacob bit his lip, because his blood was completely gone.

The phoenix was silent. Jacob actually scolded her so rudely for Grace?

This is the first time ever!

Janice was a little aggrieved, “She has never been here.”

Jacob wore Irene’s back collar, “You come with me to find her.”

“Why? That’s not my woman!” Irene protested.

Jacob dragged him out, Irene saw the heavy rain, turned around and walked back, “Ah, such a heavy rain, I grew weak and I would catch a cold in the rain…”

Jacob’s palm was crossed on his chest, “If you don’t go, you will lie down here.”

Irene said in tears, “Big Brother, you are too domineering, your own woman can’t stand it, why do you want me to look for it?”

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