Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 403

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Chapter 403

Under the intimidation of Lord Zhan Hanzheng, Irene finally chose to compromise and followed Jacob to find people in the wind and heavy rain.

“Grace…” Jacob shouted hoarsely.

Irene looked at him anxiously, and pulled out a sarcastic smile.

Tianli Zhaozhao retribution is unhappy.

This is God’s retribution for Jacob’s chaos, right?

Jacob stared at the puppet resentfully, “Are you not talking? Why don’t you shout?”

Irene wiped the rain off his face, revealing a mocking face.

“Young Master Zhan, have you finally tasted what it’s like to love someone so painfully?”

“Stop talking nonsense, it’s important to find someone.”

Where Irene could hear Jacob’s words, seeing that Jacob cares so much about Grace, his heart was ferociously aroused by Ling Bao.

“Young Master Zhan, I just want to ask you, did you ever show your heart to my Lingbao?”

“This is not the time to talk about this.” Jacob looked around.

Irene sprang up with anger that had been accumulated in his heart for many years, and roared out of control, “You dare not say it because you have a guilty conscience for her. Right?”

Jacob turned around, his handsome face slightly pale.

“If I let Irene have something wrong, I will never let Grace have an accident.”

“What the f*ck is the logic? Irene is Irene, Grace is Grace. My sister is good to you, but you are good to other women…”

Irene roared wildly, “My sister once loved you so deeply, why didn’t you treat her like Grace?”

Jacob ignored Irene, who clung to him like a dog skin plaster.

“She was just a child when she liked you. You set fire in her heart, but you are never responsible for your actions!”

“She loved you for ten years, and finally lost her life because of you. These years, have you not felt any guilt in your heart…”

Jacob’s figure was frozen in the rain, “I am ashamed of her…”

He clearly said to protect her for a lifetime, but let her die young. This is the deepest pain in his heart!

Irene went crazy, “You lied…If you are ashamed, why you have never seen her for so many years. Where is her cemetery, do you know?”

Facing Irene’s overbearing momentum, Jacob’s panic was temporarily disturbed by him, “Irene, I love Lingbao more than my own life.”

Irene looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, “Haha, you are now crazy looking for another woman in the rain, but you swear to me that you love Lingbao more than your life. How do you make me believe in you?”

Jacob was distracted by his interference, and suddenly grabbed his sleeves violently, “If you bother me to find someone again, Grace has a long and two short words, I just jumped on you.”

After speaking, Jacob pointed to the other end, “You go there, I go here. We walked separately. After you find Grace, the answer you want to know will be clear.”

Irene was unwilling to hold on to Jacob, “If you still have a trace of conscience, you can honestly tell me, my sister’s car accident, did you lead it?”

Jacob squinted his black eyes, “What did you say?”

This is simply the most absurd thing he has heard.

“My sister’s car accident, I have investigated. It was her car that was tampered with. Was it you?”

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