Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 404

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Chapter 404

Jacob’s face is like ink.

He also had this kind of suspicion, but after he came out of the intensive care unit, Irene’s funeral was completed. All clues of the investigation were destroyed…he had to accept that her death was an accident.

However, his super rationality and calmness made him quickly recover, “Irene, don’t waste time. The most urgent thing is to find Grace. Find her, all the confusion in your heart, I think she can explain to you!”

Jacob shook off Irene’s hand and ran forward.

Irene fell into hesitation, “Grace knows the answer? Fart, clearly fooling me, when I am stupid.”

Irene did not follow Jacob’s requirements, but followed Jacob. He just wanted to know what secret was hidden in Grace’s body.

Jacob searched for a few laps within the radiation range of Xiangdingyuan, and his clothes had long been drenched. But without finding Grace, he had no intention of giving up.

Irene took off his clothes and put them on top of his head. He picked some vines slowly and put them on his head in a circle.

Leisurely and happily followed Jacob.



Behind Jacob’s heart-wrenching shouts, one can always hear Irene’s lazy voice with insufficient energy and blood.

Jacob stared at him sternly, “Are you dying?”

“You don’t know, I’m weak by nature, of course not as full of anger as you.”

Jacob looked at Irene’s attitude of hanging up high, and suddenly a touch of Yeli sneered.

“Irene, you are not in a hurry, are you?”

Irene said, “Young Master Zhan, Grace is missing. I have been very polite to her by not playing the gongs or drums.”

Jacob’s charming thin lips pulled out a wicked smile.

Seeing Jacob’s gloomy expression, Irene always felt that he was pinched on the Five Finger Mountain. Suddenly retreated in fear.

“Irene…” Jacob looked around. Under the heavy rain, hurricanes were all around the trees, and there was no living creature in his eyes.

With the sound of rain pouring, Jacob finally opened his teeth and uttered a shocking scene.

“Listen well, you have to swallow every word I say to you now, and bring this secret to me into the coffin. Dare to reveal it, and I will never forgive you.”

Irene’s expression became solemn, “Then, can I choose not to listen? You know that I’m not strong in doing things, and my mouth is lax…”

“Wait a little longer and it will get dark. Every year today is when the Tourmaline Manor, the ghosts and snakes, come out of the cave, I may be held back by others, so the task of finding Grace must be entrusted to you.”

Irene was about to cry, “Young Master Zhan, I don’t want to pick it up…”

“You must pick it up.”


“Because I can only trust you.” Jacob said firmly.

Irene was flattered, “I feel much honored to be trusted by your arrogant like you. But sorry, I let you down. I don’t want to do this task at all.”

Irene was enveloped by the cold light of Jacob pupil, “Not only do you have to do it, but you can only succeed and not fail.”

Irene swallowed his saliva, “f*ck, you are a strong man, right? You let me, a student who has not done one thing successfully since I was young, do a task that you, a genius student, can’t do? Don’t you think you are too cruel to me?”

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