Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 401

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Chapter 401

The rain is getting heavier, and there is no road ahead, only dense bushes beyond sight.

Grace could only break the bushes with both hands, and walked hard towards the indentation left by running towards the woman——

She doesn’t know how long she walked, and finally walked out of the bushes overgrown with thorns and vines. In the front is a unique mushroom door. How can there be buildings of this style here?

Grace was dazed in front of the mushroom door, wandering around, not only curious about the world inside the mushroom house, but also afraid of knowing some truths that shouldn’t be known.

But in the end, Grace couldn’t help being driven by curiosity. She opened the small mushroom door and crawled in with the advantage of her petite body.

It was dark inside, but with the light from the mushroom door, she could vaguely see the vast space inside.

Grace walked forward, like a maze map inside the cave, but she had a strange sense of familiarity with the topography of the maze.

It was as if she had been here before.

Some strange pictures in her mind seemed to jump out, but at this time Grace’s head was bursting with pain.

In order to relieve the pain, Grace squatted on the ground holding her head.

Some strange pictures flashed repeatedly in her mind!


“Little girl, you broke into a place you shouldn’t break into, and you know a secret you shouldn’t know. We absolutely cannot let you go out with this secret…The scandal of the Zhan Family can only be hidden in this dark day the place.”

“Little girl, don’t be afraid, I will inject you some of our newly invented medicinal solution, and you will forget everything here.”

“However, our medicine is only six months old-what should we do? Six months later, you still have to die.”


“Brother, how much do you love me? Are there more than the stars in the sky? Is it deeper than the sea? Is it higher than the altitude of Mount Everest?”

“My heart is very small, I can’t hold so many stars, nor can I hold the vastness of the sea, nor the tall mountains. I can only hold you as a little man.”


“Do you know? It turns out that my birth was so unbearable.” By the ear, there was a man’s desperately restrained voice, “Irene, I don’t deserve such a beautiful you at all. Let go!”

“Brother Jie, I don’t care whether you were born noble or humble, I love you.”

“Irene, I need you, let’s get married. OK?”

“Okay. Wait for me, I will come to the imperial capital immediately.”

Then there was a sharp whistle…


Grace kicked rough, she tried to expel these images from her mind. But she was surprised to find that these images came from her memory.

There was an immense joy in her heart that was lost and regained.

It turned out that she lost many precious memories.

She remembered that the person who wanted to hurt her was not Brother Jie, but the ants of this mushroom house.

Thinking of this, Grace felt tight and ran back staggeringly. This place was too dangerous for her to stay here.

Brother Jie couldn’t find her and would be very worried about her.

At this time, the mushroom door suddenly slid past and blocked the hole. The exit is blocked!

Suddenly, a dim candlelight lit up in the cave, Grace turned her head in panic, and saw a man who looked exactly like Jacob.

“Miss, there is a way to heaven, you don’t go to hell, there is no way to come in.

Grace held her breath, her hands clenched into fists, knowing that these people are dangerous, all her vigilance was mobilized.

“History is always surprisingly similar. Seven years ago, that person’s darling ran in. Unexpectedly, seven years later, his most beloved woman ran in. Is this God’s will?”

“What do you want to do?” Grace asked angrily.

“Miss, don’t be afraid. We won’t hurt you. However, we need you to cooperate with us in some exciting games!”

Grace’s Huarong paled. These people are keen to invent the liquid medicine that manipulates consciousness. If they succeed, wouldn’t she be their puppet.

“Don’t think about it.”

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