Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 421

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Chapter 421

“I heard that King Kong is two meters tall and has a sturdy back and waist, like an iron tower. I just don’t know if Lord Tiger and the others can beat him or not!”

“I just came out of the theater, and King Kong hasn’t taken any action yet! It is King Kong’s four companions who have injured the bereaved dog!”


As soon as he said this, everyone around him took deep a breath.

Just the companions of King Kong are so tyrannical that they almost swept the underground forces in Jiangshi, which is simply unimaginable.

Once King Kong shots, I’m afraid no one will remain from our side.

Everyone didn’t say much, but their faces were full of deep worry.

Lost dog!

Master Dao!

When hearing these names, Shaun frowned slightly.

“Excuse me, what happened in the theater you mentioned?”


Hearing this, all the vendors got amazed.

They didn’t expect that there would be people who don’t know about the battle between Jiang Shi and Yunhai.

“Little brother, you don’t know yet! King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City, challenged all the underground forces in Jiang City! He has announced that, either surrender or die!”

“Now, I have been in the theater for a whole morning! Master Tiger, Master Dao, they are all there!”


This sentence made Shaun’s eyebrows furrow deeper.

He remembered that the Iron-faced Gray Wolf said before that his master was King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City.

And now!

The reason why he has challenged Jiang City’s mighty power was obviously to avenge his disciple and to abolish the Dao Master, Hu Ye, and others.

“Forget it! After buying the vegetables in a while, go and take a look!”

Shaun shook his head but didn’t pay attention to the number one master of the sea of clouds.

Instead, he carefully selected the vegetables from the stall.

When he filled the whole vegetable basket, he rode the electric car to the Jiangshi Drama Theater which is not far away!

Jiangshi Theater!

This was once one of the most famous buildings in Jiang City.

However, with the development of the times, drama gradually withdrew from the stage of young people, which also made the theater gradually fall into disarray.

Today, the battle between Jiangshi and Yunhai was held in this theater.

When Shaun just approached, he saw a lot of people, surrounded by the door of the theater, looking inward, constantly.

“Look, bring out another one!”

With a scream, everyone suddenly saw that the door of the theater was opened from inside.

Then four gloomy big men, carrying a stretcher, walked out from the inside, walked quickly toward an ambulance at the door.

On the stretcher, a young man was laid.

His upper body was naked, his muscles bulged, and he was extremely strong.

But now, his entire face is already bloody, and there is blood on his cheeks.

The chest is completely sunken down!

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