Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 425

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Chapter 425


He didn’t expect that after he has won consecutive battles, someone would dare to humiliate him this much.

And when he heard it, he knew that he was definitely from Jiangshi.

Just this moment.

Everyone on the Jiangshi side was also full of stunned faces. They turned their eyes and glanced, but they did not find out who was leaving.

Only Master Tiger and Master Dao.

After hearing Shaun’s voice, the two big brothers refreshed themselves.

“It seems to be the voice of the boss!” A flush of excitement appeared on the face of Master Tiger.

And Master Dao started to tremble:

“Mr. Lin is here, we may have hope in Jiang City!”

The two looked at each other, and they could see the thick ecstasy in each others’ eyes.

Not only them!

After hearing Shaun’s voice, Iron Faced Gray Wolf, Duan Chun, and Qi Siyuan opened their eyes instantly.

“It’s him! It’s that bastard, he abolished me and destroyed the wolf hall!”

On the face of the iron-faced gray wolf, deep fear and panic appeared.

It’s like, now just Shaun’s voice made him frightened.


Destroyed the wolf hall?

Qi Siyuan also heard that this was Shaun’s voice, and just when he wanted to reveal Shaun’s identity, he suddenly heard the words destroy the wolf hall’, which immediately made him shiver with fright.

“This bastard is so strong?”

Qi Siyuan was full of amazement.

Originally, his thought of calling Shaun’s name was also instantly extinguished.


On the high platform, Li Xiong’s eyes were fierce and shiny, and he shouted at the crowd in Jiang City:

“Okay! It turns out that you, a rat with a hidden head and bare tail, beat my fifth junior brother and destroyed his wolf hall!”

“Boy, there is a fight! I just need a single punch to knock out a little beast like you to death!”

Li Xiong has a fierce face, his whole personality is like an exciting beast, with a pair of horrible eyes, scanning the corners of the Jiangshi crowd.

And after his words fell.

The indifferent voice resounded again:

“By you?”

Just two words, but there is boundless arrogance.

It fell in Li Xiong’s ears and instantly made him furious, and just when Li Xiong was about to speak, he continued to abuse and provocation.


A dark thing suddenly came from the stands, like a meteor.


When Li Xiong saw this dark thing, the moment it flew in, he only felt that his whole body was standing upright, and his complexion changed drastically.

“Little Four, be careful!!!”

Not only Li Xiong but in the sea of clouds camp, King Kong also noticed this scene and suddenly uttered with a shock.

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