Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 438

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Chapter 438

Ten tricks!

If it were normal, King Kong would only say five tricks even when facing the Tiger Lord and others.

But now, ten tricks!

He has treated the monkey in front of him as a great enemy.

But hearing this!

The monkey rubbed his fist and said with a smile:

“This is not necessarily! Our BOSS is powerful, you can’t even imagine!”


This word made King Kong slightly stunned. However, before he could react, Shaun’s voice resounded faintly.

“Three steps forward, a right fist hit his chin.”


The monkey’s reaction can be said to have reached its extreme point. Almost when Shaun’s voice came, he felt like a mud loach, jumped three steps to the left, and came to King Kong’s side in an instant.

Then, with a fist, he wanted to hit King Kong’s jaw.

Seeing this scene!

The corners of King Kong’s mouth curled up, and a touch of disdain appeared:

“Proactively attack, and he is too weak!”

King Kong almost instinctively turned sideways, with a flying kick, he wanted to kick the monkey’s head sideways.

Kicked on this side, the power was violent and domineering, and there was a sound of howling that broke through the air.

If it is hit, the monkey must be knocked out.


“Spin down and swept with your right leg!”


Shaun’s words sounded extremely abruptly, instantly changing the face of King Kong who was half attacked.

Only then did he know that Shaun’s previous instructions to the monkey were just a flicker.

And now, it was the real crit.

Sure enough, the monkey seemed to have anticipated this a long time ago. When Shaun’s voice fell, his whole body suddenly spiraled down, and then swept across the ground with a violent blow on the support of the leg of King Kong!


The sound of a physical collision resounded.

Under the unbelievable sight of everyone, King Kong’s tower-like body was hit hard by the supporting leg, and the whole person fell to the ground like a hill.

The second hit was successful again.

Under the stands, whether it was Lord Tiger, Lord Dao, or everyone in Jiang City, at this moment their hearts raised to their throats, and after seeing King Kong being swept to the ground, everyone cheered and jumped with joy.

The cheers shook the audience.

And on the other side!

Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Duan Chun, and King Kong’s other four major disciples all looked like they had seen a ghost.

Fell to the ground!

Since they followed King Kong, King Kong has never been knocked down even if he got defeated.

And now, with only the second blow, he was critically hit and fell to the ground.

How can this be?

However, the nightmare has just come.

Immediately afterward, Shaun’s voice continued to resound like a curse one after another.

“Take three steps to the left and attack his forehead!”

“Squat down five inches on the right side and punch his spine straight!”


Sentence after sentence!

As if a nightmare had come.

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