Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 442

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Chapter 442

“This old man is King Kong’s master? Isn’t he more powerful than King Kong?” Secretary Xiaoyun asked in shock.

Hearing this!

The rest of them all looked at the male colleague next to them.

They suddenly saw that this male colleague has got frightened, his entire face is pale as paper.

“No… not just great!”

“He is too much! Everything about King Kong was taught by this old man!”

“He is now the first person in Jiangnan Guoshu named Kong Sheng!”


Hearing this, the secretary Xiaoyun and others trembled with fear.

They realized that this old man was the strongest support for King Kong and others.

But everyone did not notice.

At the moment of seeing the old man!

Elvira suddenly dazzled, and she covered her mouth with amazement:

“It seems I have seen this old man!”

After Elvira saw the face of the old man in the video, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

At this moment, she instantly recalled.

Not long ago, because Shaun offended Zhou Xian, she took Shaun to her grandfather Shen’s house to apologize.

It just happened to catch up with the signing ceremony between the Shen family and the Fei family.

This old man was one of Fei Jiafei’s Changqing group and was called Kong Lao.

Elvira can remember.

At that time, Zhou Xian, the husband of her cousin Shen Ling, wanted to assassinate Shaun.

It was this old man who stood in front of Shaun, grabbed Zhou Xian by the neck, and lifted him.


He also asked Shaun if he wanted then he can kill Zhou Xian.

“Yes! It’s him!”

At this moment, Elvira looked a little dazed. She never thought that the master of the Iron Face Wolf and the master of King Kong turned out to be Shaun’s acquaintance-Kong Sheng.

And just when Elvira was in a daze.

The male colleague next to her screamed again:

“Oh my God! He is of the top ten martial arts masters in the south of the Yangtze River-Wei Ting Wei Lao!”

“Ning Dayong and Ning Lao!”

“The enemies of the old man!”



Following the horrified voice of this male colleague, everyone saw everything in the video. In the video, as Kong Sheng walked in, one after another old people stepped in as well.

Everyone turned out to be one of the top ten martial arts masters in Jiangnan.


In the blink of an eye, all the top ten national masters appeared in front of everyone.

And at the moment!

In the theater, Master Tiger, Master Dao, and others got shocked to see them all together.

“The top ten national martial arts masters in the south of the Yangtze River, all are here, this is unbelievable!”

Master Tiger’s eyelids jumped wildly.

He knows that his boss is tough, but facing the more terrifying Kong Sheng and others, he doesn’t have the slightest confidence in his heart.

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