Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 455

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Chapter 455

And just when their discussion ended.


The door of the conference room opened and Elvira walked in.

“Uncle, cousin, are you looking for me?”

Elvira looked at Jian and his daughter but was extremely surprised. In her impression, this was the first time they took the initiative to visit.

“Elvira, my dad and I are here to discuss a business deal with you!”

As Shen Jie said, she put the contract document in her hand on the table:

“I hope you invest 100 million!”


This sentence shocked Elvira. She couldn’t imagine that what business Shen Jie was holding was worth one hundred million.

At the moment, Elvira picked up the contract, and then took a closer look, her pretty face suddenly looked ugly.

A trace of anger emerged in her beautiful eyes:

“Cousin, do you think that Elvira is a fool? This beauty business is the most inconspicuous. You don’t need a million, and you want me to invest 100 million?”

Elvira couldn’t believe it.

This is a blatant scam, especially, these two are here to scam me.

“Yes! This business is worthless, but what about your husband’s life?”

A word from Shen Jie changed Elvira’s pretty face.

“Cousin, what do you mean? What this business has to do with Shaun’s life?”

Elvira’s pretty face is hard to see.

She heard a trace of conspiracy in her words.

“Elvira, how you forget so soon?”

A brutal arc appeared at the corner of Shen Jie’s mouth:

“Your husband beat Qi Siyuan! Don’t you know? Yunhai City’s first master King Kong has good relation with Qi Siyuan’s master!”

“Qi Siyuan has decided that he will let King Kong come forward and kill your husband!”


This sentence made Elvira pale with fright.

She remembered that in the previous video, she did see Qi Siyuan from the scene of the theater.

Especially, Qi Siyuan was sitting in the front row of the Yunhai camp, very close to King Kong.

Shen Jie did not lie, Qi Siyuan did have a special relationship with King Kong.

Thinking of this.

Puffs, beads of sweat flowed down from Elvira’s forehead in an instant.

If it is as Shen Jie said, if King Kong comes forward, Shaun will undoubtedly die.

What to do?

All of a sudden, Elvira’s body was trembling, she doesn’t want trouble for Shaun at any cost.

“How about it?”

Looking at Elvira’s pale complexion, the Shen family knew instantly that the effect they wanted had been achieved:

“Qi Siyuan has a deep friendship with me. If you want to save your husband, then sign this contract! As soon as we got the money, then I will immediately persuade Qi Shao to give up revenge against Shaun! What you say?”

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