Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 458

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Chapter 458


Looking at Qi Siyuan, who was full of fear, whether it was Elvira or Jian and his daughter, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

At this moment, looking at Qi Siyuan, who was kneeling on the ground with tears in his eyes, his face was full of horror. Whether it was Elvira, Jian, or his daughter, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

What happened to this world?

Yesterday, Master Qi, who was about to kill Shaun, suddenly fell in front of Shaun’s wife like a dog even scared to pee and offered a free order of 1 billion yuan.

What is this, what happened.

Not only that!

Everyone can sense the deep fear of Qi Siyuan’s panicked look.

It seems that he was completely frightened by something.

“Qi Shao, are you really here to talk about business?” Elvira’s pretty face was full of disbelief.

“Yes, President Elvira, this business is very important to our family, please give us a chance!”

As Qi said, he looked at Elvira with longing and expectation.

It seemed that he was not sending orders to Elvira, but it was more like asking Elvira to give him a chance for his family. It was incredible.

Seeing this scene!

Elvira nodded, and then picked up the order contract from the table.

However, when she glanced at the contract, Elvira’s pretty face became more astonished:

“Shao Qi, did you get this contract wrong? It’s also a beauty business. The estimated investment cost is only two to three million. Are you sure you want to invest 1 billion?”


As soon as Elvira said this, Jian and his daughter looked even more constipated.

A business that costs two to three million yuan?

Qi Siyuan just wants to invest 1 billion yuan. Isn’t this a gift?

At this moment, Jian and Shen Jie turned their eyes towards Qi Siyuan, as if they were looking at a fool.

“Mr. Bai, I’m not mistaken, our Qi Group really wants to invest 1 billion!”

“The default clause has been written below. If we can’t do this, we can immediately freeze all bank accounts of our Qi Group and declare bankruptcy!”


The fall of Qi Siyuan’s words made Jian and his daughter drop their jaws.

At this moment, Shen Jie seemed to be struck by lightning. She didn’t think Qi Siyuan was a fool.

But if the other party is not a fool, then there must be a reason for it.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Qi Dashao, who is extremely arrogant, to be this scared.

“Could it be because of Shaun?”

For some reason, the first name in Shen Jie’s mind was Shaun.

It’s just that she couldn’t understand at all, what kind of ability that waste had, which not only made Qi Siyuan give up his revenge, but he even shook his head like a dog and offered a superorder.

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