Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 470

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Chapter 470

Just hearing this!

Zhang Tianli’s mouth twitched!

Cute family play.

You sand sculpture, are you kidding us?

Zhang Tianli’s gaze at Chu Yu at this moment looked exactly like an idiot.

But at this moment!


The screen on that piece of Devil’s machine lit up slightly, and then an electronic alert sound came again.


Everyone was stunned for a moment. In their impression, this was the second time a reminder sounded.

“Shaun, whose call is it?”

Elvira frowned tightly and asked suspiciously.

After all, Shaun just said that this is the phone he has bought today.

Even his wife doesn’t know Shaun’s phone number still, so who can know?

At this moment, Elvira looked at Shaun and questioned a little bit more.

Hearing this!

Shaun took the phone over, then glanced at the number displayed on it, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly without speaking.


This scene made Elvira’s doubts more intense.

Do not say?

Could it be a woman’s phone?

A trace of jealousy emerged from Elvira’s heart. At the moment, she walked quickly to Shaun, grabbed the phone, and turned to look.

When she looked at it, she got slightly taken aback:

“Business Aunt Rowling!”

Business Aunt Rowling?

Hearing Elvira’s words, everyone next to her also got amazed. What kind of remark is this?

Remarks on business?

“Auntie Rowling? Why does this name sound so familiar to me?”

At this moment, Chu Yu’s words beside him resounded.

His brows were tightly clenched together, thinking of the origin of the name.

Especially, he seemed to think of something, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he exclaimed:

“I remember! The last helm of the Universal Group-Cather Rowling!”


This sentence of Chu Yu shocked Elvira and everyone else.

Universal Group!

The behemoth that controls 70% of the global economic lifeline.

Cather Rowling!

The super business queen who can make the global economy quake with a single finger.

What an international joke.

“Hahaha…Don’t be afraid, everyone! I’m just kidding!”

Chu Yu looked at the weird looks of everyone around him, and suddenly laughed awkwardly:

“However, in the business world, I know that the famous lady named Rowling is the only super business queen!”

That’s it!

Chu Yu’s gaze couldn’t help but turn to Shaun, with a strong sneer and sarcasm in his eyes:

“Maybe, Brother Shaun really knows that super business queen!”

Does Shaun know Cather Rowling?

This is even more dazzling!

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