Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 477

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Chapter 477


When this guess came out, Chu Yu seemed to have seen a ghost, his face got pale.

Cather Rowling!

This name has a god-like horror in shopping malls around the world.

Since her debut, no one can beat her level of understanding of business.

Established the giant Universal Group in one hand.

There are even more rumors!

Behind Cather Rowling, there is a mysterious force that is so terrifying to unimaginable.


No one dares to rival that force!

It is precise because of the escort of this mysterious force that Cather Rowling’s business path seems to be unstoppable.

“Also, how can someone like Cather Rowling call the wrong number?”

“So, the king in her mouth is not the last name! It’s her King! Shaun!”

As soon as he said this.

Both Chu Yu and Zhang Tianli were almost scared to pee.

Especially Chu Yu!

He was already 80% convinced of Shaun’s true identity, but he seemed to be dreaming, and he couldn’t imagine that he saw such a big person.

Even more frightening is that he even laughed at him.

“Lao Zhang, I’m over! Our Chu family is over!”

“I offended Shaun, I laughed at him! As long as he said a word, Cather Rowling’s finger moved, and our Chu family would be wiped out!”

Thinking of this!

Chu Yu almost started crying:

“No…no! I’m going back to Shaun, no, I will apologize to Mr. Lin! Only if he forgives me, I can live, and our Chu family can live!”

With that, Chu Yu trembled and wanted to go to open the car’s door, but he can’t because he is in fear and has lost his strength.

“Master, don’t worry!”

Zhang Tianli quickly comforted him and said:

“Before, when I recognized the Devil Machine, I wanted to tell the truth, but Mr. Lin stopped me!”

“He doesn’t want to reveal his true identity! So if you went back to apologize to him now, wouldn’t it expose Mr. Lin’s identity and arouse the suspicion of Elvira’s family?”


This sentence made Chu Yu’s body tremble again.

That’s right!

Shaun did not hesitate to take out the Devil Machine and crush the walnuts with it. It was enough to see that he doesn’t want to expose himself.

And if he went to apologize, then Shaun will never forgive him even it might arouse his anger.

At that time, I will be finished!

“What should I do? Mr. Zhang, you…you help me think about it?”

“I’m an idiot! I’m cerebral palsy! How can I laugh at someone like Mr. Lin, am I…”

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