Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 480

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Chapter 480

The words of the glasses man like a blockbuster became the reason for joy for Brother Hao and others!

Devil machine!

For the enthusiasts of electronic devices, it is a god.

Although they have been monitoring the signal tower of the Devil machine before, they don’t have much hope in their hearts. After all, it is something jointly developed by the world’s top ten mobile phone manufacturers.

Countless fanatical enthusiasts around the world were looking for it.

But Brother Hao and others couldn’t imagine that the Devil Machine has been traced!

And it is in the city where they are!

“Good! Great!”

Brother Hao flushed with excitement, his eyes, staring at the display in his glasses, can see that there is a red dot on it.

The displayed distance is only a dozen kilometers!

“Everyone, follow me! Let’s go find the owner of that magic machine now!”

“Today we will get the Devil Machine no matter what price we have to pay! With the Devil Machine, then our Jiangnan Princely Party will spread the name to the world!”

Brother Hao waved his hand!


All the young people put on their clothes one after another, and then rushed towards the door like burning buttocks!

Jiangnan Princely Party!

That’s right!

Each of these young people belongs to a rich family in the south of the Yangtze River.

And being targeted by them is definitely a nightmare for many people in Jiangshi!

At this moment, Elvira and her family knew nothing about what was about to happen.

After they finished dinner, Paula took the Devil Machine and walked out of the house.

Tonight, she has a meeting with some old sisters to play mahjong!

“This phone is too old. If someone saw it in my hand, then they will surely laugh t me.”

Paula looked at the old Nokia in her hand, frowning, and muttering in her mouth:

“I don’t know, why did this stinky kid go crazy for it? He bought such a tattered one!”

“No, I will go to the store where the mobile phones are recycled and ask to see if I sell it for a new one!”

Thinking of this!

At this moment, Paula made a decision and went to the second-hand mobile phone shop.

The time has come to the evening.

In the mobile phone shop, few customers were bargaining with a salesman.

When he saw Paula coming in, the owner of the mobile phone shop immediately greeted her personally. He went up and down, took a look at Paula’s clothes, and then asked with enthusiasm:

“Madam, I wonder if you are here to sell a mobile phone? Or buy a mobile phone?”

“Would you like, let me introduce to you the new mobile phone in our store?”

Hearing this!

Paula hesitated slightly. She felt that her old version of Nokia was too broken, and she felt ashamed to even take it out. She could only bite the bullet and said:

“I want to sell a mobile phone!”

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