Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 485

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Chapter 485


When Tian Hao and others heard this, they thought that Paula was dissatisfied with their offer, so he frowned and continued:

“Auntie, if this not much, then we can add more! Thirty million!”


This sentence made other people in the mobile store even more shocking.

An additional 20 million was added in one go, reaching a sky-high price of 30 million.

This is simply unimaginable.

The fat boss twitched the corners of his mouth and he almost passed out.


Surprisingly, Paula shook her head again and said apologetically:

“Tian… Master Tian, it’s not a question of money! This phone belongs to my son-in-law! He is the real owner of this phone!”

“Fifty million!”

Tian Hao ignored it at all and continued to increase with money.

Fifty million!

Half a billion!

In the small city of Jiangshi, even those upper-class people do not have this much wealth.

And now, just for a mobile phone, these people are ready to spend half a billion.

Paula was also frightened by the sky-high price. She wanted to agree, but she couldn’t.

If this mobile phone was just a garbage item bought by Shaun, she did not hesitate to sell it or throw it away.

But now, when she knew the true value of the Devil Machine, it was no longer a question of money.

This is Shaun’s cell phone.

Only her son-in-law is qualified to decide whether or not to sell this phone.


Under everyone’s astonished eyes, Paula shook her head again.


This scene instantly made the expressions of Tian Hao, Qiu Jie, and other young people gloomy.

They didn’t expect that at such a sky-high price, they would still be rejected by Paula.

“One billion!”


This remark caused an uproar in the entire mobile store.

One billion, for a cell phone!

Damn it!

Everyone felt that their hearts are beating violently, so where is that mobile phone? This is more than a treasure.

And the fat boss almost squirted out a mouthful of blood.


His heart is almost like a knife digging an ax, and he wants to vomit blood because of pain.

Missed a hundred million, so he couldn’t wait to kill himself.


“Sorry, I can’t sell it!” Paula gritted her teeth and shook her head resolutely.

And hearing this.

The fat boss and all the customers are full of unbelievable colors.

Are you crazy?

She is an idiot that she is not selling that cell phone for one billion.

If it was someone else, they would have happily accepted this much money for sure.

But now…

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