Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 487

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Chapter 487

“You… can anyone of you lend me a phone call? My son-in-law’s cell phone has been taken away. I want to tell my husband!”

At this moment, Paula looked at the fat boss and the other pleadingly.

Hearing this!

Whether it is the fat boss or the customers around, looked at Paula, they are full of compassion and complexity.

“Madam, we can advise you to forget it! Those people were all the sons of Jiangnan City’s most powerful people, you can’t afford it!”

The fat boss persuaded.

While handing over his cell phone.

He couldn’t even imagine that a call from his mobile phone can suddenly be made the whole Jiangshi tremble.

Liyuan Mansion, Elvira’s home.

Shaun was washing the dishes and humming a small song.

for him!

Being able to cook, wash dishes, and wash clothes for the family is the greatest pleasure.

It’s just that when Shaun took all the dishes and chopsticks, and just washed the dishes, he suddenly heard the phone ringing of his father-in-law Baishan in the living room.


Shaun got amazed for a moment and didn’t care too much.

However, in less than a minute, he suddenly heard a crackling noise in the living room, and then his father-in-law Baishan seemed to be frightened and ran into the kitchen in a panic.

“Something…something happened! Shaun, your mother-in-law got beaten!”


Hearing this, a cold light flashed out instantly from Shaun’s eyes:

“Dad, what’s the matter? How could Mom be beaten?”

A trace of gloomy cold air filled Shaun’s body, instantly causing the temperature in the entire kitchen to drop to freezing point.

Bai Shan was panicked to the extreme, but at this moment, he felt cold.

It seems that with Shaun as the center, the entire kitchen is like a huge ice cellar.

This is more than that.

He was stunned to see that a trace of red light has flashed in Shaun’s eyes.

Like a devil crawling out of the sea of blood in the corpse mountain, wanting to awaken.

“Shaun, you…”

Baishan got completely shocked.

He only felt that his son-in-law has become a stranger.


Like the devil in the darkness, his momentum is chilling.

Seeing this scene, Shaun secretly made a bad cry, and immediately recovered his breath.

Until then, Bai Shan breathed a long sigh of relief, his forehead was already covered with sweat.

At this moment, he was so frightened that he almost fell to the ground, and immediately looked at Shaun again, his eyes filled with doubts.

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