Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 489

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Chapter 489

One call after another has shaken Jiang City!

Shaun is angry!

No one has seen him this much angry before.

There is something unusual that has happened that has caused this.

at the same time!

At the door of the mobile shop.

Paula sat on the ground desperately, and on her face, the palm print was even more bright red, as if blood was dripping.

Beside her, the fat shopkeeper and others were constantly encouraging.

“Madam, I advise you to forget about this matter! Even if your husband and son-in-law came, they can’t do anything at all!”

“Yes, those people are the princelings of Jiangnan City, we ordinary people can’t afford to offend them!”

Even they can kill anyone at any time without any genuine reason and no one can ask them why they did this.


The fat shop owner and the customers around her are also out of kindness.

After all, in their eyes, that valuable devil machine is very important, but human life is even more important.

In their thoughts, if Paula’s family even thought of retaliation then their fate will not be good at all.

Listen to this persuasion.

Paula’s face became paler and helpless.

That’s right!

At this moment, she also regretted it in her heart.

She was also afraid of Tian Hao’s group, especially if Shaun who has a hot character knew that she had been beaten, she was afraid that something would happen for sure.

And it will be a disaster for the Baishan family!

“What should I do? My son-in-law is on his way now! If I knew it, I won’t have made this call!”

At this moment, Paula was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, for fear that after Shaun came, he would impulsively do some extreme thing.

The life of her son-in-law will be destroyed by the hands of those big guys.

And just when Paula regretted it, the whistle of an electric car rang.

Everyone suddenly saw that a young man, riding an electric car hurriedly, came there.

When the young man approached, he quickly jumped off the electric car, ran to Paula, and asked eagerly:

“Mom, are you okay?”

Hearing this!

The fat boss and others have thoroughly confirmed that this young man who came here riding an electric bike is Paula’s son-in-law.

Electric car?

How could this kind of character be compared with Tian Hao and others?

This is almost like comparing an ant with the dragon, it is just a joke.

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