Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 505

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Chapter 505

The masked girl looked straight at Shaun.

At this moment, she seemed to have returned to the bloody night three years ago.

That day, this guy slaughtered people on an island with an incredible method.


When they heard my own lady, she said that they were under Shaun’s hands and could not support his ‘three tricks’.

Whether it was Huzi or Sunspot, their expressions changed, and a wave of deep anger appeared in their eyes.

“Miss, you overestimate us too much! I’m a tiger, I was born with a wolf tooth. On the African battlefield, I have destroyed a whole team of the enemy! How can it be possible that I can’t support this person’s three moves!”

“Yes! Madam, I was a member of the Blood Blade. In our team, only the instructor can beat me! Is this kid stronger than our Blood Blade members? I don’t believe it!”

Huzi and Heizi, two bodyguards, shook their heads.

In their eyes, it was obvious that their lady has overestimated Shaun, but underestimated both of them.

They admitted that Shaun had a few offenses, but if thinking that he will beat them all, it would be a foolish dream, absolutely impossible!

Seeing this scene, the masked girl did not explain.

Because only she who has seen Shaun’s terrifying side knows how powerful this man is.


When these people were talking on the side, Shaun’s soles suddenly took a step forward.


At this moment, after seeing Shaun, Qiu Jie, and everyone else, as if they had seen a ghost, hulled back.



Filled the face of every supercar club member.

They looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a devil, full of fear.

“Little boy, what do you want to do? Could it be that you really want to abolish us?”

Qiu Jie’s eyelids jumped wildly, and dense sweat slipped from his forehead.

Among their team, the most powerful is Li Yitian, and the rest of the four could not even be as powerful as Shaun.
If this lunatic really goes mad, then they will all be destroyed by him.

“That’s right! I want to destroy you!”

A brutal arc appeared in the corner of Shaun’s mouth.

And his words scared Qiu Jie and others.

A thick panic appeared on everyone’s faces.

Qiu Jie’s eyes rolled around, when his gaze scanned the Lamborghini next to him, his eyes lit up, and he quickly said to Shaun:

“Boy, it’s useless for you to abolish us! Because we had not snatched your mothers’ phone!”

That’s it!

Qiu Jie pointed to a screen next to him, looked at the two galloping cars on it, and said:

“Do you see him? Brother Hao you are looking for is now racing on the mountain, and he may not be able to get down for an hour or two!”

“If you have the guts, play against me!”

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