Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 512

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Chapter 512

The vehicle speed has also soared from 120 to 150!


When this scene appeared, the eyes of everyone in front of the screen almost fell out.

Turning acceleration?

Isn’t this… Isn’t this looking for death?

“It’s over!”

Huzi and Heizi, the two bodyguards, just felt that their eyes were black at this moment, and they almost fainted with fright.

And the surrounding supercar members were in an uproar!

“Hahaha, looking for death, doesn’t this guy know how to race? Accelerating in sharp turns, he is committing suicide!”

“Turning and accelerating? Does he think he is the global car king’s KING? Does he still want to come to a corner to kill?”

Almost everyone didn’t believe that at such a fast speed, Shaun’s Santana was able to rush through the first sharp turn alive.


fling in teeth!

Everyone was full of excitement, waiting to see Shaun’s joke.


Things that shocked them appeared.

Santana did not stop after the speed soared to 150.

The car’s engine, as if it was going to be scrapped, made a noise.

Then it soared directly to the limit of 170!

“170! This guy is absolutely crazy!”

All supercar members felt a tingling scalp. After all, Lamborghini needs to brake quickly to drift.

The speed is just over 100!

Now, Shaun’s turning speed is almost twice that of Lamborghini.

Especially, seeing Santana getting closer and closer to the sharp turn, even those super runners only feel that their heart reaches their throat, almost popping out!

Three hundred meters!

One hundred meters!

Fifty meters!

Under everyone’s nervous sight, Santana quickly rushed to the sharp turn, and then the entire front of the car suddenly picked!

The body seemed to be rotating at right angles, unexpectedly turning out of a sharp turn and speeding past.

Even one of the rear tires has fallen to the corner of the cliff!


Rushed past!


After seeing Santana at an incredible speed, an incredible angle, from the first sharp turn, speeding past!

Everyone in front of the entire display screen was struck by lightning, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.



It seemed that everyone’s voice had disappeared, and only the sound of the hands of the timer remained.

The dense cold sweat dripped down from the foreheads of supercar members.

“I… I saw it just now, kill in a corner?”

One member rubbed his eyes and even suspected that he was dazzling.

Turn to kill!

That’s right!

When making a sharp turn, do not slow down, but accelerate instead.

At the turning point, he ran across at an incredible angle.

This is the ultimate racing skill of the global car king’s KING!

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