Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 514

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Chapter 514

“Can he still finish the corner kill?”

Everyone’s eyes were staring at Santana at this moment.

Especially after everyone saw that Santana still showed no signs of slowing down after the second sharp turn, everyone felt a tingling scalp.


It’s 170 speed again.

At this moment, no one can imagine.

Especially the members of the super running club, all of them got pale, and they murmured:

“He can’t make it! The first time he passed, it was sh!t luck, this guy will definitely fail this time!”

“I don’t believe it, only the corner kills that the global car king KING can do, this guy cannot do it twice!”


At this moment, almost every one of those supercar members roared in their hearts, hoping that Shaun would fail the second time.

But at this moment.


With a roaring sound, everyone saw that Santana rushed to the sharp turn again, and then crossed at an incredible angle for the second time.


Seeing this scene, everyone in front of the screen was completely boiled:

“How is it possible, how could he complete the second corner kill! My God, does this guy really want to shock the global racing world?”

“If this video is posted on the Internet, the entire racing world will be shaken. Who can imagine that someone can actually sit in Santana to do it!”


They are making noise, and the sound of anger and depravity continues one after another.

Almost every supercar member has a dead face.

in contrast!

The two bodyguards of the mysterious girl shook their fists in excitement at this moment, and they both turned red with excitement.

“Now, I start to like this kid!”

“Me too. Before, the lady said that we couldn’t survive his three tricks. I hated this guy and was about to beat him, but now, the more I look at him, the more pleasing to my eyes!”

The smiles on the faces of the two bodyguards were extremely rich.

At this moment, the two even became Shaun’s fans.

Next to him, Ziheng Xu said to Lin Guangyao sarcastically:

“Hahaha…Lin Guangyao, I have to say, you are really an idiot. You don’t know what identity Mr. Lin is or how powerful he is!”

“Hahaha, not only did he hit your face, but he also slapped you in another way!”

At this moment, Ziheng Xu felt extremely happy.

Before, the humiliation and anger he suffered on Qiu Jie and Lin Guangyao were all vented at this moment.

And hearing this, Lin Guangyao’s face seemed to have eaten flies, and it was hard to see the fear.

His eyelids jumped wildly, looking at the Santana in the display screen, which was getting closer and closer to Lamborghini as if he had seen a ghost.

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