Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 518

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Chapter 518

The words fall. Shaun suddenly reached out with a hand, grabbed the masked girl’s arm, then lifted her whole body, and pulled her into his arms!

“Brother Lin, you…” The masked girl was a little surprised.

And when she didn’t understand what Shaun was going to do.

She saw that the co-pilot’s position next to him suddenly made a popping sound.


Lamborghini didn’t know when appeared beside Santana and slammed into it after a turn.

The door of the co-pilot was suddenly flattened.


This scene immediately scared the masked girl into an earthy face.

At the moment just now, if it hadn’t been for Shaun to grab her, then she must have been seriously injured by the Lamborghini.


The quality of this Santana is very ordinary. After a collision with Lamborghini, the co-pilot’s seat was all shattered.

“Poor… almost!”

The masked girl’s pretty face was pale, but just when she was fortunate, she felt slightly wrong.

Because there was something tough under her ass, which hurt her.

“Brother Lin, what’s in your pocket? It hurts…”

As the masked girl said, she grabbed her hands downward.

This scene changed Shaun’s expression:

“do not……”

As soon as his words were spoken, he suddenly felt that his lower body was grasped by the masked girl.

“This is……”

The masked girl was taken aback for a moment, especially after feeling the shape, a touch of astonishment appeared on her pretty face after she reacted to what she was grasping.


The pretty face under the veil of the girl instantly turned red.


She just felt her heart beating wildly.

Especially, the things under the ass became harder and harder, which made her body completely weakened.

She was almost lying on Shaun’s chest, without a trace of strength.

In those beautiful eyes, there is a strong spring mood!

It looks so coquettish and charming.

At the same time!

In front of the display screen at the foot of the mountain, all the supercar members gathered here, watching the pictures on the video.

And when everyone saw that Lamborghini was about to knock Santana off the cliff, the supercar members suddenly burst into excitement cheers.

“Hahaha… Brother Jie is awesome, that kid is going to die!”

“Knock him to death, let this bastard know the fate of insulting our princelings!”

“The second hit! Huh? That girl is okay?”

Everyone was watching the footage on the video, and they were talking about it.

Especially, when they saw Qiu Jie’s second collision, Shaun unexpectedly pulled the girl onto him, everyone was a little unbelievable.

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