Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 521

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Chapter 521

“There is no time! There is one kilometer, and the fourth turn is about to come, and there will be more and more sharp turns!”

“If within this kilometer, I can’t smash this bastard’s Santana, then I will definitely lose!”

Beads of sweat came from Qiu Jie’s forehead, crackling.

He can’t lose!

He is the king of the Jiangnan car, how could he lose to this little bastard.

This is absolutely unimaginable!

Thinking of this, a trace of cruel luster flashed in Qiu Jie’s eyes.

Then, he slammed on the accelerator again, waved his hands, and twisted the steering wheel to the side.


Immediately, Lamborghini let out a brutal roar like a beast and then slammed away once again at the Santana next to it.

But, seeing Lamborghini, the moment he was about to hit Santana.

The scene that made Qiu Jie unbelievable happened again.


Santana’s wheels suddenly filled with a cloud of thick black smoke, and then the whole car stopped abruptly.

Like a toy car, it stops and turns sharply.

Then, buzzing, flashed directly past Lamborghini, and passed forward!

“How can this be!”

This operation completely stunned Qiu Jie.


Turn sharply!

In particular, he was extremely skilled, let alone an amateur racer like him and Tian Hao.

Qiu Jie is certain that even the top professional racer can hardly complete such a coherent dodge action.

Not to mention, Shaun did it with a Santana.

If this news spread, it will definitely shock the global racing community.

“Jie! Not good!”

When Qiu Jie was startled, the coquettish hot girl in the co-pilot suddenly heard a scream of horror.

This sound, like a burst of thunder, made Qiu Jie wake up from the shock.


Only then did he see that after the Lamborghini hit the air, at a lightning speed, it slammed toward the mountainside next to it!


In an instant, the front of the Lamborghini slammed into the mountain.

The entire front of the car was completely dented.

The two airbags suddenly popped out and slammed into the faces of Qiu Jie and the hot girl.


Qiu Jie only felt his head, as if there was a concussion, painful.

He looked at the front of his Lamborghini, almost completely scrapped, a trace of shame and anger emerged from the bottom of his heart.

“He has lost! He really lost to a little guy in Jiang City!”

This blow, to Qiu Jie, was like the sky collapsed.

Arrogant like him!

As confident as him!

He was completely defeated by a waste person driving a Santana on the hill track where he was best.

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