Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 528

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Chapter 528

After saying this!

The thick ferocity flashed in Tian Hao’s eyes, he raised his palm, and he waved at the crowd of supercar members behind:

“Li Yitian! Xiashan! Come on, you two beat this little beast!”


Tian Hao’s voice was confident.

Among their supercar members, the Youngest, Hidden Dragon, and Crouching Tiger are good at marksmanship, while Li Yitian and Xia Shan are ruthless in the fighting world.

Shaun will definitely be abolished when these two will beat him.

However, the next scene made him frown.

Because after his words fell, neither Li Yitian nor Xia Shan came out.

Even the atmosphere among the supercar crowd is extremely weird.

“What’s the matter? Li Yitian? Where is Xia Shan?”

Tian Hao immediately turned his eyes and looked into the crowd.

It just made him more puzzled that he hadn’t seen those two people among the supercar members.

Not only them but even the other two members who can fight, are not here.

This made Tian Hao’s heart even more ominous.


Seeing Tian Hao’s puzzled gaze, Lin Guangyao immediately said to his scalp:

“Shao Tian, the four of them have been beaten by Shaun…!”


As soon as he said this, Tian Hao’s whole body trembled, he got completely stunned.

How this is possible!

Li Yitian was the champion of the amateur fighting competition, and Xia Shan was a ruthless man who had served in the US Navy SEALs. With his bare hands, he hunted and killed four hyenas.

How could this kind of person be beaten by Shaun?

This simply made him unbelievable.


Tian Hao spotted the other supercar members and nodded with ugly expressions. His heart shook and he was finally sure that it was true.


Just when Tian Hao’s heart was shaking, a footstep suddenly came from the front.

“It’s you who beat my mother?”

Shaun slowly walked towards Tian Hao.

Every step he made was like stepping on Tian Hao’s heart, causing the cold sweat on his forehead to flow.

“You…what do you want to do? Boy, let me tell you, I’m the eldest master of the Tian family, if you beat me, then you will be destroyed by our Tian family…”

Tian Hao had to say something cruel now to shock Shaun.

It’s just that his words just uttered!


A slap in the face suddenly struck him like lightning.


Tian Hao staggered five or six steps before he stopped.

He got dizzy, and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

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