Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 545

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Chapter 545


These words of Shaun made Hu Zi and Hei Zi’s complexion slightly ugly.

In the eyes of the two, Shaun’s move did not believe in their protection ability.


When the two saw that Kelly obediently obeyed Shaun’s words and put the object in her pocket, their expressions became more difficult to look at.

“Little brother, our lady said, the two of us together can’t resist three tricks under your hands!”

“If we got a chance, we will definitely ask you for the advice!”

Huzi and Heizi stared at Shaun with piercing eyes, full of provocation.

And hearing this!

Shaun smiled slightly and said with deep meaning:

“Don’t worry! It is estimated that we will compete tonight!”

That’s it!

Shaun was too lazy to quarrel with the two and waved his hand at Kelly at the moment, and then drove the tattered Santana towards the Liyuan Garden.

Watching Shaun leaving.

Huzi and Heizi smiled and said to Kelly:

“Miss, We don’t think you need to be scared by this kid! We are from elite troops. If we can protect you, what right does he has to say that he will save you!”

“Yes, miss! The elite of the family will be here tonight, plus our brothers, you will be fully secured!”

Listening to the words of the two!

Kelly’s mouth twitched slightly, and said with a wry smile:

“hope so!”

With her beautiful eyes, she took a deep look at the direction of Shaun’s departure. That jade handheld the alarm in her pocket tighter.

Liyuan Gardens.

When Shaun returned to Elvira’s house, he immediately saw that luxury cars had been parked in front of the door.

This scene made Shaun frown slightly when he got out of the car and walked into the house.

Huh huh!

One after another, they all looked towards Shaun.

At this time, Shaun discovered that in the house, apart from Elvira’s family of three, the old man Bai, Haibai, and Harper had all arrived.

In particular, everyone is chattering and noisy, it seems that they are arguing about something.

Seeing Shaun coming in, Mr. Bai and others immediately surrounded him.

“Shaun, are you looking for Tian Hao’s princelings?” Mr. Bai’s expression was serious and solemn.

Uncle Haibai and others also looked at Shaun, full of scrutiny and questioning.

Seeing this scene!

Shaun nodded lightly:



As soon as he said this, there was an uproar in the whole room.

A wave of strong anger appeared on the face of Mr. Bai, turning his head to face the three of Elvira’s family, and severely reprimanded:

“Youngest, take a look! Take a look at what is your idiot son-in-law doing?”

“He actually went to find Tian Hao’s Jiangnan princelings for a broken cell phone and a slap in the face. He is going to ruin our Bai family!”

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