Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 547

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Chapter 547

Just let them break their legs!

When Shaun’s words resounded!


In the whole room, all the sounds disappeared.

The anger and resentment on the faces of Mr. Bai and others around him solidified.

One by one, the high-level members of the Bai family stared at Shaun, their chins almost dropped to the ground.

What did they hear?

Shaun actually said that the group of princelings broke their legs?


A voice of swallowing and foaming came, Harper rubbed his ears, and then he stared at Shaun and asked:

“Shaun, what are you talking about? You, who did you let you break their leg?”



Almost everyone looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a madman.

Especially, in their tense sight, a faint curve appeared in the corner of Shaun’s mouth:

“I mean, let those princelings break their legs! Tian Hao, Qiu Jie, and all of them…everyone!”


After confirming again what Shaun said, the whole hall instantly exploded.

From Grandpa Bai to any core of the Bai family below, this time they felt as their scalp burst.


Shaun broke the legs of Tian Hao and others?

This… if this is true, it would definitely break the sky.

Those princelings have the Jiangnan Tian families at their back, they will surely bring thousands of thunder and anger, and all of them will be affected by the fish.


Core members of the Bai family were completely frightened to the ground. They seemed to have seen the end of the Bai family and started to cry:

“It’s over! Our Bai family is over! We had just made a little money, and our Bai Group was just about to rise! Now everything is over!”

That’s it!

In the eyes of every Bai family, Shaun brought great disasters for the Bai family.

“No! No way!”

At this moment, Mrs. Bai’s eyes were completely red.

He looked at Shaun, wishing to eat him:

“Shaun, this is a good thing that you did yourself. They must not blame our Bai family for this!”

Grandpa Bai’s gaze turned, staring at Elvira, and shouted sternly:

“Elvira, I want you to divorce Shaun! Throw this trash out of the Bai’s house!”


This sentence instantly reminded all the Bai family members around.

That’s right, this time the disaster was caused by Shaun, so naturally, Shaun should be alone to bear the anger of those Jiangnan chaebols.

Thinking of this, Haibai, Harper, and others rushed to persuade Elvira:

“Elvira, your grandfather is right! Shaun is a disaster star. He angered the Jiangnan chaebol. Only by breaking with him, our Bai family can survive!”

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