Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 550

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Chapter 550


Right now, it was obvious that Mr. Bai was completely anxious.

Even began to take the permanent position of the president to make conditions.

It’s more than that!

Immediately, Mr. Bai’s tone changed, and there was a harsh meaning in his voice:

“Of course, if your family is still stubborn, then our Bai family can only be cruel and expel all of your family from the Bai family! You will never get a single penny!”


A temptation, a threat!

Mr. Bai was obviously forcing the Elvira family to make the final decision.

Hearing this, Bai Shan’s complexion got a bit ugly, but Paula didn’t wait for him to say anything.

Paula, who was next to him, said:

“Dad! This time, Shaun offended those princelings entirely to help me get revenge!”

“So, I would prefer our family to be expelled from the Bai family, and I would not agree to the divorce of Elvira and Shaun!”


Paula’s words made the expressions of Grandpa Bai and the others almost dripping with gloom.

Elvira refused to divorce Shaun, but they can still accept it.

Paula, isn’t she the one who hates her son-in-law the most?

On many occasions, she was extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with her son-in-law, but now, how could she stand up for him.

Especially when Shaun offended the princeling.

It’s more than that!

After Paula finished speaking, Bai Shan also said solemnly:

“Dad! I know that you had planned to expel our family from the Bai family!”

“In that case, then we will fulfill your wish so we accepting your decision!”


They made a choice.

Mr. Bai and others got frightened and angry.

They couldn’t understand what was so good about Shaun’s trash that made the Elvira family willing to give up all their status and money and be driven out of the house with him.

“Good! Your family, good!”

Mr. Bai got angrier.

He couldn’t think that the Baishan family was so stupid that they are ready to give up a great future and going to end up with Shaun, that trash.

Thinking of this, Mr. Bai stared at the Baishan family and shouted angrily:

“In that case, I now announce that Elvira is no more president of the Bai Group! Baishan got fired from the board of directors of the Bai Group!”

“From now on, your family has nothing to do with my Bai clan!”


As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the Baishan family turned pale to the extreme.

Throw out of the family!

Ending the relationship.

Whether it was Baishan, Paula, or Elvira, they clenched their fists.

They couldn’t imagine that Mr. Bai would be this decisive, that he expelled them from the group, and even cut off the relationship.

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