Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 551

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Chapter 551

Thinking of this, Baishan became sad inside but he kept it secret.

Their family did so much for the Bai family, and in the end, they could not escape the bleak end.

Although the Baishan’s family was in the most depressed mood.

Shaun smiled slightly:

“In that case, then I also declare one thing!”


All people there glanced at Shaun together with confused expressions.

All the senior leaders of the Bai clan did not understand that what this waste is going to announce.

It’s just that Shaun’s next sentence stunned everyone.

“I announce that we are going to establish a new Bai Group from today on!”


When Shaun’s words fell, all the Bai family members looked astonished.

Obviously, they didn’t expect that Shaun would think of establishing a new group in name of Bai.

What a joke.


After a brief silence, among the Bai family members, the pot got completely exploded:

“Hahaha… New Bai Group? Is this guy get a kick in the head by a donkey? What a joke!”

“Huh! The Pill of Resurrection is in our hands, and all the cooperation between Tianlong Group, Yunhai Fei Family, etc. is also in our hands! Shaun, what do you use to establish the New Bai Group?”

“Idiot! You have offended the Jiangnan princelings, save your life before you talk big!”


Suddenly, all the family members around ridiculed him.

All resources and cooperation are in the hands of the Bai family.

Even, soon their Bai family will become a Jiangshi giant force like the Tianlong Group!

And what about Shaun?

Apart from the family, he has no money and no links!

Especially he has offended the Jiangnan princeling party, and he is going to establish a new Bai Group.

It’s just a dream.

Not only the people of the Bai family but even Baishan and Elvira after hearing this, their faces became full of consternation.

“Shaun, are you crazy?”

They were all incredulous.

Only Paula!

She looked at her son-in-law, with complexity in her eyes.

Today she had witnessed the scenes of Tianlong Xu, Zhang Guohao, Blood Rose, and others bowing to Shaun one by one.

Thinking of this!

Paula looked at Shaun, with a trace of relief:

“Shaun, others don’t know about you! But, I will support you!”


After hearing Paula’s words to support Shaun, everyone around her got shocked.


Even in the eyes of many Bai family members, Shaun and Paula were crazy.

Why does she believe in the trash?

How will he arrange money to establish the new Bai Group?

This is a dream.

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