Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 560

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Chapter 560

“Why did the princelings snatched Shaun’s devil machine? Why did Shaun break the legs of princelings? These Jiangnan chaebols came here to give money as compensation.”

“Why did Shaun said no one can harm Kelly as he is here, and then Tian Changfa and the others all agreed!”

Sentence after sentence resounded in Harper’s ears like thunder.

That’s right!

Before Harper was full of resentment towards Shaun, he didn’t think much about it.

At this moment, after hearing the reminder from his grandfather and father, he actually felt a chill in his head.

“Could it be that Shaun still has a terrifying identity? Otherwise, how could it be possible for so many Jiangnan chaebols to bow their heads in front of him?”

Harper asked incredulously.

Hearing this!

Grandpa Bai was also somewhat unacceptable. After all, Shaun had lived in Bai’s house for three years and was recognized as waste. This kind of person has a hidden shocking identity?

It’s unbelievable.


In the eyes of Grandpa Bai, there was a sparkle:

“Harper, today bring a group of bodyguards for the Bai family. And install cameras around Baishan’s house. I want you to monitor Shaun day and night!”

“Be sure to also find out who he associates with and what identity he is hiding!”

“Yes! Grandpa!” Harper’s face was solemn.

But they can’t imagine.

This action is like a group of ants trying to investigate a peerless mad dragon, ignorant and fearless, sad and ridiculous.

The night gradually deepened.

The whole Jiang City seemed to have fallen into the mouth of a terrifying behemoth, and the air was filled with a depressive and silent atmosphere.

It’s just that no one knows.

Outside the gate of Jiangshi Airport, there is a limited-edition Rolls-Royce Phantom parked at the gate of the airport.

And a young man, with eight bodyguards in black, was quietly waiting for something.

“Steward Fu, you say that the young master has made a big fuss. There are only two bodyguards, Hu Zi and Hei Zi with Kelly. We are eight people. How can we kill Kelly?”

A bodyguard asked Steward Fu next to him.

Huzi and Heizi are born in Blood Blade and Spike.

It is good for you to fight as a team rather than individually, otherwise, it is easy for them to beat us for sure.

The young housekeeper, named Steward Fu, had a pale face and no beard, with triangular eyes and a hint of cold light.

At this moment, after hearing the words of the bodyguard, he shook his head and said with a faint smile:

“Zhang Yi, you are too careless! Do you really think that the Zhang family has provided Kelly only two bodyguards?”

“Am I telling you? The struggle within the Zhang family has now reached a fierce level. The old man will go his own way and give the Zhang family to Kelly. How can he not be prepared!”

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