Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 561

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Chapter 561

The corner of Steward Fu’s mouth got cold and cruel:

“That old man, who has spent a high price, invited the top ten masters of national martial arts in the south of the Yangtze River to escort Kelly, and even equipped a chapter guard to protect Kelly!”

“Do you think that you people can succeed?”


The top ten martial arts masters in Jiangnan!

Hearing this, the eight bodyguards next all sank, showing a thick solemn look.

They came from mercenaries, but naturally, they would not underestimate the heroes of the world. Take the Jiangnan Guoshu Master as an example.

Among them, the one who worries them the most is the number one Kong Sheng!

It is said that this person was under the guidance of a mysterious master, and his strength has improved to the next level. With his strength, he has defeated nine people alone and became the No. 1 master in Jiangnan. Obviously, he should not be underestimated.

Not to mention, in addition to the top ten national masters, there are also the Zhang family guards!

They are also very skillful, who can demolish anyone anytime.


Zhang Yi’s face was full of unwillingness, and he continued:

“Bu Steward, if we can’t, then who else can Master invite?”

“The top ten Chinese martial arts masters are sitting here, and I am afraid that only grandmaster-level figures can defeat them! And China’s grandmaster, who is an arrogant person, will not cooperate easily!”

The faces of the eight bodyguards are full of worry.

after all!

It is too difficult to invite a master-level figure.

Hearing this!

The corners of Fu Ming’s mouth showed a hint of playfulness:

“This time, the person who got invited is the tenth killer in East Asia named Blood Wolf!”


When they heard the name Blood Wolf, the eight bodyguards next to him got shocked.

They are familiar with this name.

This person is Chinese and he has been practicing with a terrifying master since his childhood.

After adulthood, he traveled abroad and was involved in assassination missions.

In his twenties, he has done more than fifty assassination missions.

He is ranked tenth in the East Asian killer list.

Especially terrible!

Among the top ten East Asian killers, every killer above is a master character!

“Oh my God, it seems that this time the young master really has the blood! The blood wolf has been invited! I just don’t know if the blood wolf’s strength is as scary as the rumors are!”

“That’s right! He has reached the realm of a grandmaster in his twenties. To be honest, I don’t believe it at all!”

“Humph! When the blood wolf arrives then we’ll see everything!”


Zhang Yi waited for eight bodyguards, and they were talking a lot at the moment.

They were shocked by the reputation of the blood wolf and were not sure about the strength of the blood wolf.

After all, he is too young!

Especially, his experience is simply legendary, which makes people not believe in his strengths!

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