Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 569

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Chapter 569

The young paparazzi shrank his neck and asked suspiciously to the middle-aged paparazzi.

The middle-aged paparazzi has also noticed this.

However, he felt that it was not a problem with the weather at all.

Because, as the tattered young man got closer and closer to the hotel, the temperature near the hotel became colder and colder.

“No! This young man has a problem!”

The middle-aged paparazzi trembled, as if he had discovered big news, and quickly turned his camera to shoot the moment.

The young man carrying a snakeskin bag, walking slowly, bending over, plucking one after another from the green belt beside him.

Piece after piece!

After picking leaves, he holds leaves between his fingers.

In the blink of an eye, there were more than a dozen leaves between his fingers.

Da da da!

The youth approached Hilton hotel step by step.

Five hundred meters!

Three hundred meters!

Two hundred meters!

When this young man had just approached two hundred meters, the Zhang’s guard at the entrance of the hotel spotted him instantly.

Suddenly, two strong bodyguards walked out quickly.

“Who are you? Outsiders will not be admitted to Hilton’s private rooms tonight!”

The eyes of the two bodyguards stared at the young man carrying a snakeskin bag, his expression was serious and cold.

However, the youth turned a deaf ear to their words and continued to move forward step by step.

This scene changed the expressions of the two bodyguards:

“No, this person has a problem! Stop him!”

As soon as the words fell, the two wanted to rush forward to stop the youth.

But at this moment!


With a wave of the young man’s fingers, two leaves burst out instantly, like lightning.


With a uniform muffled noise, the two bodyguards who had just rushed forward suddenly stiffened.

They just felt cold on their necks.

When they touched their necks they saw that the slimy, scarlet blood had covered their palms.

“Ho ho ho…”

The eyes of the two of them stared roundly. They looked at the youth as if they had seen a devil. The whole person completely lost their power, as if two iron towers were crashed down one after another!


The bodies of the two bodyguards fell to the ground violently and there was no more sound for a moment.


The two paparazzi in the grass got completely shocked.


The young paparazzi swallowed fiercely and could hardly believe his eyes.

Just now, he was shooting the moment.

He clearly saw that the young man carrying a snakeskin bag just waved two leaves, and the two leaves like a sharp bullet instantly pierced the necks of the two majestic bodyguards.

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