Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 578

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Chapter 578

“Miss! Why didn’t you run away? Why…”

Heizi almost cried out anxiously at this moment.

He wanted to struggle to get up.

But as soon as he moved, the blood wolf flew up and kicked him.

It seems to kick a bag of garbage, relaxed and freehand.

Hearing this!

Kelly got silent.

She did not escape, because she knew from the beginning that Shaun will rescue her.

And being able to make a person like Shaun warn himself, can only show that the person who came to assassinate her is definitely a terrifying existence.

As soon as she left, Huzi, Heizi, Master Qiu, and others all had a dead end.

“Let them go! You take my life instead!”

Kelly looked at the blood wolf indifferently, her voice calm and quiet.

And this sentence made the eyes of Huzi, Heizi, Master Qiu, and others instantly wet.

They just understood!

The reason why Kelly didn’t leave was that she wanted to use her own life in exchange for the lives of her protectors.



It filled everyone’s heart, but even if they were unwilling, they still seemed so weak in front of the terrifying blood wolf.

However, what made Kelly stunned.

The blood wolf shook his head indifferently. With cold eyes, he turned to look at Kong Sheng next to her:

“Compared to your life, I care more about him!”


This sentence made Kong Sheng, Kelly, and the others stunned.

He didn’t wait for them to understand what it meant.

At the corner of Blood Wolf’s mouth, a strong excitement and gloom appeared:

“Go ahead! Who is the grandmaster behind you?”



Hearing this, Kong Sheng’s face paled, and he could naturally hear that the grandmaster the blood wolf was talking about was Shaun.

It’s just that he didn’t expect, this crazy guy, what would Shaun do?

“I want to kill him!”

The blood wolf smiled playfully. He seemed to be able to see through people’s minds. Especially, his tongue stretched out and licked the scarlet blood on the wolf’s paws, making him look like a demon, crazy and terrifying:

“Only the blood of the grandmaster can satisfy my killing pleasure!”

“Tell me, what is the name of the grandmaster behind you? Where does he live? I will find him and kill him!”


As soon as this remark came out, Kelly, Kong Sheng, and others’ complexions turned pale.


In their eyes, this blood wolf, who looked like a handsome rural kid, was a complete lunatic.

Shaun had no grievances with this person at all, but this guy is insisting to kill Shaun.


Both Kelly and Kong Sheng were silent.

And seeing this scene!

“Okay! Since you don’t want to say, then I can only make you say!”

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