Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 588

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Chapter 588

at this time!

The blood wolf’s eyes were instantly flushed with blood, and a trace of madness appeared on his face.

“I am the youngest super killer in East Asia. I don’t believe that your strength and speed are all invincible!”

“I will kill you!”

The words fall!

The blood wolf sprang up from the ground, with the cold blood spear in his hand, and under a swing, with a buzzing sound, he burst into Shaun again.


This speed, like lightning, rushed several meters away almost instantly.

Especially when paired with the sharp cold blood spear, it seemed like a flash of lightning, piercing Shaun’s neck.

Ten meters!

Five meters!

Three meters!

In the blink of an eye, the blood wolf’s cold blood spear pierced Shaun’s face.

It’s just a scene that is difficult for everyone to understand.

Under this blood wolf’s ultimate move, Shaun didn’t even react, as if he was stuck.

This time, there was no dodge and no resistance.

Just staring dumbly, the sharp and terrifying spear was aimed at his neck.


A look of excitement appeared on Blood Wolf’s face, and the speed of the cold blood spear in his hand suddenly increased by a point when he turned his wrist.

Five inches!

Three inches!

The sharp blade of the cold blood spear seemed to have pierced Shaun’s skin and pierced him through his throat.

This scene caused Kelly, Kong Sheng, and everyone else to numb their scalp.

It’s just that when their hearts jumped to the extreme.


A clear and sweet voice of gold and iron suddenly resounded.

Then everyone saw that just as the cold blood spear was about to pierce Shaun’s neck by an inch, it stopped abruptly, and it was no longer possible to move forward.


The sharp spear blade was actually caught by two fingers!

Two fingers?

That’s right!

When he saw that it was only Shaun’s two fingers that made the cold blood spear difficult to penetrate, the blood wolf’s eyeballs were almost burst open.

“No… this is impossible!”

He desperately rushed all the power in his body toward his arm.

But even if he used the strength of feeding, he couldn’t break Shaun’s fingers and pierced the spear blade into his throat.


How can this be?

Kong Sheng and the others were also completely stunned.

This is the invincible blood wolf, the Grandmaster. His strength is so strong that he does not need to use any force hard, but now, he can’t push Shaun’s two fingers. To everyone, this is almost dreamlike.

However, the shock has just begun.

“this one?”

The corners of Shaun’s mouth showed a hint of contempt.

He looked at the appearance of the blood wolf as if he was just looking at an ant crawler, but it was just a larger crawler, nothing more.

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