Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 591

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Chapter 591


This scene made the youth’s eyelids jump slightly.

At the moment, he quickly scolded:

“Fu Ming, I’m talking to you? You look at the next seat like you have seen a ghost!”

The young master’s brows were almost twisted together.

But just when his words fell.

He was shocked to find that a pretty face appeared in the video.

It was Shaun.

“Yes… is it me?”

The young master got completely stunned. He did not hear the slightest movement of Shaun getting on the car, nor did he see how this guy got in the car.


Rolls-Royce was still some distance away from the hotel, and within this short period of time, this guy actually found them, and even came and got on the car like a ghost.

This is simply incredible.

A cold sweat ran down from the young man’s back. He took a deep breath and suppressed the shock and panic in his heart. Only then did he look gloomy and asked coldly:

“Boy, who are you on earth? You know, you just abolished blood wolf!”

In the young master’s words, there is a warning.

However, Shaun didn’t seem to hear his words at all, but instead asked with a playful look:

“You are the mastermind behind this assassination of the little girl, right?”


Little girl!

The young master was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly reacted, Shaun refers to Kelly.

“It’s me, so what!”

“She does not belong to our Zhang family at all, but she wants to inherit our Zhang family’s property!” The young man’s eyes were cold.

But when Shaun heard this, he smiled and shook his head:

“I don’t care about your grudges! I can only tell you that her life is mine!”

“Blood wolf wanted to kill her, blood wolf got his fate! You want to kill her, you see too!”

The sound, Senran and cold!

The words fall.

Shaun glanced at the young man deeply, as if looking at another reptile looking for death:

“Remember! This is the last time!”

Shaun opened the car door directly and walked off the Rolls Royce.

Seeing this scene.

The young master at the other end of the video simply exploded his lungs:

“threatening me?”

“Fu Ming, did you hear the special code? This young man was threatening? Why don’t you responded!”


The young master was so furious that he wanted to vent his anger with his butler.

However, just after his words were spoken.

A scene that made him even more incredible appeared.

He saw in the video, his butler’s eyes were completely dull, his figure, like a clay sculpture, was completely stiff there.

A line of blood emerged from his neck.

Then, in the horrified sight of the young master, the head of Fu Ming unexpectedly fell off.

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