Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 593

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Chapter 593


When he heard Uncle Li’s words, the young master was slightly taken aback.

Hurry up and look at it now.

He suddenly saw that this was an introduction webpage about the Bai Group.

Listed above are the names of group executives.

Among them, President Elvira.

Chief Technical Advisor, Shaun.

When he saw Shaun’s introduction page, a trace of sullen luster splashed out in the young master’s eyes:

“Yes! He is this bastard who broke my good dreams!” The young master gritted his teeth with hatred.

However, when he saw Elvira’s picture, he was slightly taken aback:

“This is Lin’s wife?”

“What a beautiful woman!”

In the young master’s eyes, there was an instant burst of intense heat and lust.

He has played with countless women, enchanting, coquettish, pure…

However, the intellectual beauty of Elvira in front of him seemed to contain an unimaginable temptation, which made him instantly itchy.

“This woman, among the beauties I have seen, her looks can be ranked in the top three, and her temperament is definitely number one!”

The young master licked his lips, wishing to fly to Jiangshi immediately and rectify Elvira on the spot:

“Okay, I didn’t expect this bastard to have such a beautiful wife!”

“If this is the case, then I will not only decide about his fate but also about his wife!”

The thick evil expression appeared at the corner of the young master’s mouth.

After speaking, he turned his head and looked at Uncle Li next to him:

“Uncle Li, now contact the Great Master by the Lobo Lake-Blood Buddha!”


When the young master’s words fell, Uncle Li was immediately taken aback.

Bloody Buddha!

This is a daunting name, one of the eight prestigious masters of China.

He appeared five years ago. At that time, he provoked a western system hegemony power, and there were as many as four masters sitting down by that power.

Four masters, led by dozens of powerful men, carried out a brutal attack on the Blood Buddha in the western desert.

At that time, almost everyone thought that this guy who knew nothing about life and death would definitely die.

But as a result, everyone got shocked.

The Blood Buddha did not escape.

He looked like a brutal beast, turned his head, and directly slammed into the base camp of the hegemony force, slaughtering the members of it.

When the four masters and dozens of elite returned, all they saw were a pile of corpses and blood.

And, the one who sat on the corpse mountain is Blood Buddha!

That scene almost completely scared the four master characters.

However, something even more desperate happened.

Bloody Buddha, shot at them.

No master could bear his one move.



In that battle, all the four great masters were killed. Dozens of elite masters dead, and maimed, the hegemony force that had shaken China’s western region for ten years, disappeared in just one night.

Only then did the world know that the Blood Buddha Tu is a terrifying great master.

Since then, no one dares to provoke him.

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