Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 596

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Chapter 596


This scene also fell in the eyes of the middle-aged paparazzi, making him feel a little bit:

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you take it?”

In the eyes of the middle-aged paparazzi, there is a strong tension and anxiety.

After all, the protagonist tonight is completely the great master.

That is a god-level figure who dominates this battle.

If this person is not photographed, then this video and news sensation cannot achieve the effect of a shocking explosion.

Hearing the question from his boss, the young paparazzi smiled and said:

“Boss, that person was photographed by me!”

Got it?

The middle-aged paparazzi let out a long sigh of relief, and then scolded dissatisfiedly:

“Since it was taken, then why you had made this face? It scared me to death!”

The bitter smile on the face of the young paparazzi grew stronger, and he passed the video in his hand to his boss and said in a complicated voice:

“He was photographed, but his face is not clear!”


This sentence of the young paparazzi is like a bolt from the blue to the middle-aged paparazzi.

how is this possible?

This is a video, not a photo.

Before, when Shaun drove Santana and sent Kelly back to the hotel, their photos were not taken clearly. Perhaps it was excusable, but the face of Shuan on the video is not clear. Isn’t this a bullish!t?

Thinking of this, the middle-aged paparazzi couldn’t bear it, so he quickly took the camera over, and then clicked on the video to take a closer look.

It was just that when he watched the video, the cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

In the video.

Since Shaun appeared and crushed the wolf paws, there was no face image at all.

Yes, all of them are profiled.

All the faces are blurred, and the real facial features cannot be seen.


The middle-aged paparazzi is completely anxious.

As if he was crazy, he kept fast-forwarding or rewinding, if he found out the face of Shaun, he will be satisfied.


One minute!

five minutes!

ten minutes!

A full half-hour passed, and the middle-aged paparazzi looked back and forth a dozen times until the end.


He fell to the ground and grabbed his hair hard:

“How could this happen! Why can’t we photograph that person’s front face?”

Looking at his subordinate, he almost collapsed.

The young paparazzi next to him asked with trepidation:

“Boss, shall we publish this person’s video tomorrow?”


The middle-aged paparazzi raised his head, his eyes were all red:

“Even if he only has his profile face, it must be published. I don’t believe it. No one in Jiang City knows who is such a great master?”

The middle-aged paparazzi can’t wait to see the horrified look of all netizens, readers, and others tomorrow.

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